Yggdrasil’s Vikings Are Back, And They’re Going to Hell

In the world of iGaming, there are brands that maintain a reasonable place in the hearts of players, and then there’s brands that conquer time and again; Yggdrasil is a label that conquers. Since their founding in 2013, this online developer has been at the forefront of many innovations, with their games regarded as some of the best currently available. Regardless of whether you’re a fan of Yggdrasil or not, you can’t deny that their titles have a certain atmosphere about them, one which makes them wholly intoxicating for those who pay to get the reels rolling.

Their latest release is one that fans will love, as it sees the return of the vikings from the original pokie Vikings Go Wild, a 25 winline slot that has birthed two sequels, with the newest addition being Vikings Go to Hell. Yet to be released, the game has us on the edge of our seats, thanks, in large, to its exceptional trailer; there’s not many slot machine teasers that could excite us quite like this one does. Sporting crisp tangible graphics, we witness the vikings go deep into the depths of hell, all while monsters are raging around them. Quite simply, the trailer is a work of art, and does well to ready fans for the games release on May 24th.

Seeing as how there’s still a wait before we get to load this activity onto our devices, both desktop and mobile, we thought it only fair to take a sneak peek at the features we can expect to see. In terms of format, Vikings Go to Hell remains similar to its previous two counterparts, with the grid presented in a 4×5 grid, accompanied by a total of 25 paylines. Despite these similarities, there’s a lot of new material being added to the game, chiefly that of demon boss fights, two levels of free spins, multipliers, and sticky wilds – there’s a lot going on. A truth of this title that’s mirrored by the medium to high volatility you’ll experience; this is a game that’s going to make you work hard in order to unlock these features. Of course, by braving the possibility of a challenge, players can walk away with considerable wins, even “monstrous wins”, as Yggdrasil describe it.

Given how well received the previous games were, we suspect that this isn’t the last time we’ll see this clan of vikings embarking on a daring adventure. However, we have to ask how much more they can experience, after all, they’ve already gone wild, gone berserk, and now they’ve gone to hell. That’s a lot for one group to handle. And yet, with Yggdrasil remarking on this being the band’s “latest adventure”, we feel that this isn’t the last time these brave warriors will face down monsters. This, in fact, could be just the beginning. In truth, this is a thrilling notion for iGaming customers, as it means we get to see more of the stunning software that supports this title, the iSENSE 2.0+ gaming engine.

Little information, besides that which we’ve given, is available at this time, but this only makes us more hungry for the games release; May 24th can’t come soon enough. And should this not be your preferred genre of slot machine, don’t be too put out, as Yggdrasil always has more products in the pipeline. For now however, we leave you with the Vikings Go to Hell trailer, just to whet your appetite.