Vegas Slot Playing Tips

slots in vegasHaving spent more time than we care to remember in Las Vegas over the 2016/2017 Christmas and New Year period and having played hundreds of different slot machines during that visit we would like to present to you a range of slot playing tips we used ourselves on that trip!

Keep in mind that you are often going to find lots of different slot machines in Las Vegas casinos many of which are not available to online players, so please read on to find out how you may be able to improve your winning chances if you do decide to make use of these land based Vegas slot playing tips!

Guaranteed Hit by Slots – Some Konami designed slot machines will have one or more progressive jackpot that can only reach a certain value and as such when you come across such a slot that is very close to its guaranteed hit by amount then it will be worth playing that slot. As the jackpot will be won much sooner rather than later if the jackpot is very close to its guaranteed hit by amount!

Making Use of Slot Statistics – Some slot machines, mainly those being from WMS will allow you to view the stats of the slot by tapping onto the Stats button, but doing so you will then see when that slot machine last paid out anything big, and also how much was won on the last few bonus games.

That information is often very valuable as it will give you an overview of whether a machine has just paid out or is a slot to play as it hasn’t paid anything big out recently but may be about to do so!

Playing New Slot Machines – Brand new slot machines are often the better paying ones, as many casino operators will increase the long term expected RTP’s on those slots whilst they are new to their gaming floors.

New slots are often very easy to spot as they will be positioned in very prominent locations on the gaming floors and are often adorned with all manner of advertising material!

Slots in High Traffic Areas – The slot machines that are located in high traffic areas inside a casino often have much higher payout percentage attached to them, and as such those are going to be much better paying slots and should always be the ones you track down and play.

It is often the case the further you venture into a casino the lower the payout percentages on the slots in those parts of the casinos are!

Use Your Players Card – One final thing that you should ensure you do is to use your players card every single time you player slot machines in any Vega based casino, if you do not have a Players Card then get one! You will be missing out on all manner of extras if you do not use those cards and those extras can very quickly mount up based on how much you wager!

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