Vegas Single Deck Blackjack

vegas single deck blackjack

There are only three Blackjack variants found in Microgaming software powered casino sites which use just one deck of cards in the deck and this Vegas Single Deck Blackjack game is one of them.

The game is available to play as a Single Hand variant and when you play it correctly making the correct strategic playing moves it will play to a house edge of a respectable 0.35%.

As with all Microgaming Blackjack variants with the exception of their progressive game you can play this game either in a free to play mode or a real money mode, and plenty of different stake options are available.

This means that Vegas Single Deck Blackjack will appeal to all level of players whether high rollers or low rollers. Let us now guide you through all of the Player and Dealer rules and game playing options. If you’re looking for a Vegas single deck blackjack strategy card, there’s one at the bottom of this page.

Vegas Single Deck Blackjack Dealer Rules

The Dealer always shuffles the deck at the end of the previous game and as such before a new hand is dealt out the deck has always been fully shuffled.

Single Deck Blackjack is played using a Hole Card and this means the Dealer gets two cards initially which are dealt one facing upwards and also one facing downwards.

The down facing card will always be peeked at by the Dealer when the other card is worth 10 or is an Ace card. Insurance will then be offered to a Player when the Dealers hand maybe a Blackjack hand.

When the Dealers initial two cards are worth anything up to a Soft 17 valued hand the Dealer will Hit his hand until such a time that it is worth a Hard 17 or higher valued hand.

Player Rules

The rules for players playing Microgaming’s Vegas Single Deck Blackjack game will not over tax your brain and as such you may Double Down when you have been dealt any initial Hard Hand worth 9, 10 or 11 in value.

You can Split unalike 10 valued cards and also Split any pair but you can only Split a hand once with just a single card being dealt to any Split Ace.

If you get a 10 valued card dealt to a Split Ace then this is not a Blackjack hand but a 21 hand which when it is a winning hand pays out at even money.

Vegas Single Deck Blackjack Payouts

There are no surprises in store for you in regards to the payouts which you will be awarded when playing Microgaming’s Vegas Single Deck Blackjack game.

All winning Player’s hands get paid out at odds of even money unless you have an unmatched winning Blackjack hand in which case the payout is 3 to 2. You will get odds of 2 to 1 if you place and win the Insurance side bet wager.

Tips for Playing Vegas Single Deck Blackjack

Similarly to playing the Vegas Single Blackjack variant in a land based casino venue when playing online the game will call for you to put into play perfect playing strategy and this will see you having to remember which way to play certain hands.

There are a few tips we can give you and these include you never being tempted to take Insurance when it is offered as that is a very poor valued wager with a shockingly high house edge which will affect the 0.35% house edge this game offers to perfect strategy players.

Splitting Aces is another important playing move you should always make plus when you have been dealt any Pair of 8’s then once again the correct optimum way to play such hands is to always Split them.

Make sure that when you have been dealt any Pair of 5’s that you Hit such a hand when the Dealers up facing card is either a 10 or an Ace if his card is not one of those two then Double Down your Pair of 5’s.

vegas single deck blackjack strategy card