Vegas Downtown Blackjack

vegas downtown blackjack

Should the Blackjack variant known as Vegas Downtown Blackjack be a game you would like to try then when you play it at any of the many Microgaming software powered casino sites available online you will be able to play it is the original format or as either a Gold Series game which comes with enhanced graphics or as a Multi-Hand variant.

The game of Vegas Downtown Blackjack is played with two decks of playing cards and each deck contains the standard 52 cards, you can opt to play this game for free as a guest player at any Microgaming site or for real money. If you’re looking for a Vegas Downtown Blackjack Strategy Card, there’s one at the bottom of this page.

Vegas Downtown Blackjack Dealer Rules

Being what is known as a Hole Card game then when you play the Vegas Downtown Blackjack game the Dealer is going to deal himself two initial cards one is facing upwards and the Hole Card is dealt facing downwards.

Should the up facing card the Dealer has dealt to his hand be a 10 valued card or an Ace then he will peek at the other card it to check his hand for a Blackjack.

The Dealer is going to offer Players the Insurance side bet option when required and he will always hit any Soft17 valued hand or anything lower in value.

Player Rules

Once you have been dealt your initial two cards no matter what value they are you can Double Down your wager, if you take this option a third card will be dealt to that hand and an additional wager is required, this extra wager is equal to your initial staked amount.

Splitting both unalike 10 cards and any Pairs is possible on Microgaming’s Vegas Downtown game and you can keep on Splitting a hand up to three times. The Double Down option is also available even after Splitting any hand.

However if you have been dealt a Pair of Aces you can only Split them once and just one card will be dealt to both Split Aces. Should one or both Split Aces get dealt a 10 valued card then that hand is classed as a 21 hand which pays even money if either or both is a winning hand and as such those hands are not a Blackjack hand.

Payouts in Vegas Downtown Blackjack

Winning hands when dealt to Players on this Vegas Downtown Blackjack game will award one of two different payouts. If you are dealt an unmatched winning Blackjack hand you are rewarded with a 3 to 2 payout. All other winning hands get paid out at odds of even money.

Insurance will pay out at odds of 2 to 1 if you have placed such a wager and it is a winning bet. Be aware however that due to the high house edge that is attached to the Insurance wager then this is one bet that you should always avoid taking as it will affect your winning chances in the long run by increasing the games optimum playing house edge which is a respectable 0.39%.

Tips for Playing Vegas Downtown Blackjack

To ensure that when you are playing Microgaming’s Vegas Downtown Blackjack game you get the best chances of winning then you really do have to play the game perfectly with the optimum playing strategy.

The only way to realistically do this is by knowing how to play every hand you have been dealt, whilst this will take time there are a few moves which are easy to remember.

One of these strategic playing moves is to always Stand any pair of 10 valued cards either matching or unalike ten value cards, never Split them. Always refuse to take Insurance and always Split a pair of 8’s and always Split a Pair of Aces.

When Dealt a 12 valued hand then the best way to play them is to Always Hit them but never when the Dealer has a 4, 5 or 6 card showing in those circumstances you should Stand such a hand.

vegas downtown blackjack strategy card