Las Vegas at Christmas and New Year

las vegas

One of our team of writers spent Christmas and New Year in Las Vegas this year in an attempt to get away from the madness of the festive season back at home! As such in the next few news articles we are going to be basing them on what Vegas is Like in December and January and what games are currently doing the rounds on casino gaming floors in Sin City too.

The first news story you may be infested in reading is the Hot Slots in Vegas one in which we take a look at what are currently the most played slots in Vegas, and give you a few pointers in regards to what makes those slots so very playable.

If you are planning on taking a trip to Vegas then please do take a look at another very interesting news story and that is our Low Cost Ways to Get to Vegas article, which looks at a couple of airlines that are offering tickets to Vegas so cheaply you will find them hard to resist!

If and when you do arrive in Vegas one thing you should do before feeding in your very first banknote into any slot machine and spinning its reels is joining the Players Club at the casino you are going to be doing most of your gambling at.

You will be amazed at how generous Vegas Slot and Players Clubs are and what you can get your hands on via those loyalty type schemes if you do concentrate most if not all of your slot playing at just one casino venue!

One very important thing to note when you are playing slot machines in a land based casino as opposed to an online or mobile casino site is that the payout percentages on offer on those bricks and mortar casino based slots can and do vary from casino to casino.

Plus, there are a few valuable tools at your disposal that you can make use of in your never ending quest to find slots that may be about to pay out.

With that in mind look over our Vegas Slot Playing Tips guide as by doing so we will be revealing to you the best kept slot playing secrets in Vegas, so make sure that is one section of our ever growing website you do take a good look over!

There are going to be Land Based Slot Tournaments that will become available to you at various different Vegas casinos, and we are going to be taking a look at how you can enter those tournaments and what you could win when doing so.

One final news stories our intrepid writer has put together is going to be letting you know which are the Best Vegas Casinos to Play Slots in, and if you are thinking of visiting Las Vegas in the very near future then do spend a moment or two reading through that news story as it will certainly give you some pointers in regards to where to stay!

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