Two Alternative Roulette Betting Systems

online roulette girlsThe standard line in gambling strategy says that betting systems on games of chance are worthless. For the most part, this is a totally rational and accurate assessment. Well-known strategies for beating the house at roulette, such as the Martingale System, don’t work; they don’t swing the game in the player’s favor and produce “can’t-lose” results.

Watching casino customers playing live, however, it is hard not to see various systems at work. It is common to see gamblers laying identical wagers on identical spots or making small but consistent bet-size alterations. Clearly people are still using some form of systems for their roulette strategy.

The truth about using a betting system is that it is not a totally worthless idea. If a player understands going into a gaming session that his particular wagering tricks won’t actually tip the odds in his favor, and if the betting system he chooses makes the game more entertaining or easier to play, it is hard not to see added value in the player’s bankroll from using whatever system he chooses.

Here are two alternative betting system ideas for roulette. Please note that neither of them will really affect the house’s edge and that they’re generally designed to either streamline the playing process or add a little entertainment value to a player’s gambling budget, or both.

Always Bet on Red / Black

Most gamblers have probably met a person who “always bets on” red or black. This isn’t all that bad of an idea, statistically, provided the wager is placed for a specific number of spins.

Let’s talk a little statistics. If playing on a double-zero (American-style) wheel, a wager on either red or black is MOST LIKELY to result in winnings after exactly 38 spins. That’s the break-even point of this betting strategy – a little luck in the spins leading up to that 38th turn of the wheel and a player could end up in the black, so to speak.

Let’s face it, Wesley Snipes can’t be wrong, can he?!

The Column Strategy

Sometimes called “first and third,” this is a classic roulette tactic that isn’t a sure-thing but can simplify the wagering process and make the game more interesting. The gambler places identical wagers on columns 1 and 3 and another identical bet on black.

This wager puts every number on the wheel in play except for four reds in the middle column and, of course, the zeroes. Depending on the turnout, however, it can lead to decent wins or big losses. Breaking even requires a red number in columns 1 or 3 to win, while two outcomes (red or black in column 2) actually lead to losses. The outcome users of this strategy hope for is a black winner in columns 1 or 3.

It doesn’t beat the casino’s advantage, but it establishes a consistent bet. Ostensibly, a bettor could use this strategy to manage their bankroll as well, since it requires three single-unit bets per spin. With $1,000 to wager, a unit of $5 would give the customer 66 rounds of play. It’s this kind of data that makes casino games more attractive – if a bettor knows he gets a certain amount of playing time for his bankroll using a particular strategy, the game is easier to understand.

Adding value to a casino gambling budget doesn’t mean searching for trick wagers to beat the casino, it means making time spent gambling more enjoyable. If a particular bet strategy makes a game easier or more fun, bettors should be quick to implement it.