Tunzamunni Progressive Slot

tunzamunni progressive slotWhilst Microgaming, one of the most popular online casino game manufacturers, are famed for their many action packed types of slot games, including plenty of bonus video progressive slots, they haven’t forgotten that many players like the more basic type of slot games to play.

They also known and fully understand that not everyone has large amounts of cash available in their gaming budgets, and as such they have got a very low stake progressive slot machine available and this is the Tunzamunni progressive slot.

It is presented as a Classic slot and as such it is very easy to play and understand, and with low coin values then everyone should be able to give it a large number of spins when they fancy winning a reasonably sized progressive jackpot when playing at any Microgaming software powered casino site such as, for example, Royal Vegas.

As Microgaming have now released a tabbed browser facility on their downloadable casino sites, this would be a great slot to play via this new feature, whereby you can open up multiple slot games and set them all into play at the same time.

So if you do not really enjoy the monotony of playing progressive jackpot paying Classic slots then why not wait till the jackpot grows to a large amount on this game, and simply set it to play via the auto play settings in one of the tabbed browser windows whilst you are playing another game, you never know that winning combination may just drop in!

Frequency of Jackpots

We have studied all of the recent winners of the progressive jackpot on this Tunzamunni slot game from Microgaming, and have discovered that the average value of the winning payout is $68,500.00, and on average the progressive jackpot is awarded every 114 days.

Now that is not a set in stone amount of cash or time period that will be guaranteed, as this Tunzamunni slot, like all other Microgaming powered games is completely random and has been certified as being so.

However when you log into a Microgaming software powered site, it may be worth you checking out the current value of the progressive jackpot on this slot machine game and if it has exceeded the average hit rate value amount, then it could be worth you giving it a little play time, as the law of averages will be dictating that the jackpot is overdue and could soon hit!

The way to win the progressive jackpot on this Tunzamunni slot game is quite simple to understand, however as with most of these Classic type of slots, you will first have to make sure that maximum coin spins have been put into play when you are giving it a try, and as such you will need to play five 0.05 coins per spin to get a chance of spinning in the progressive paying winning combination.

The jackpot combination on this slot machine is a White Seven symbol on the first reel, a Red Seven on the second reel and the Blue Seven on the third reel, if those three symbols line up on the payline in that order and you have placed a five coin maximum bet spin then the current progressive jackpot as displayed on the jackpot meter will be yours!

Should you not be playing 5 coins spins then a reduced jackpot is on offer, and as such for a one, two, three or four coin spin with those symbols lining up on the payline will award 2500, 5000, 7500 and 10000 coins respectively.

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Paylines and Stake Level Options

The coin values which are attached to this Tunzamunni slot game are locked and fixed at 0.05, you can play one to five coins per spin and there is just one single payline.

There are a range of different reel symbols in play on this slot game however there is no Wild symbols in play. You will also receive a small modest payout should you play any single spin and no reel symbols spin in on the payline, these are known as blank spaces on the reels.

There are three sets of Bar symbols found on each reels, these being a Single, Double and Triple set of Bars, any matching set of three of these symbols spinning in will award a winning payout.

Should you get a mixed set of Bar symbols then a payout is also awarded for this type of combination spinning in. There are Red, White and Blue Seven symbols also in play on the slot and a winning payout is awarded for a matching or mixed set of these winning symbols.

Remember that the Jackpot payout is awarded when the White, Red and Blue Seven symbols line up on the payline in that order. You will find this slot can be a very fast paced type of progressive slot to play, but with a high payout percentage you should get plenty of winning combination forming that will extend your playing sessions.

Bonus Games

Being a Classic progressive slot game then you will not find any kind of bonus game feature available on the Microgaming networked Tunzamunni slot game, these types of three reel slots are both fast playing and thanks to some very high payout percentage high paying games, which appeal to players looking for no nonsense slot playing sessions.

However do not think that when you are playing at a Microgaming software powered casino site you are only going to have access to Classic progressive slots such as this Tunzamunni slot game, for they have an abundance of high action bonus video slots which come complete with many unique and exciting bonus type games, round and features.

One such slot game which we just know you will enjoy getting stuck into and playing should you prefer 5 reel Video slot machines is the Mega Moolah series of progressive slots and one which we loved playing and think may just appeal to you is the Mega Moolah Isis slot game of which you will find an in-depth review of this game on our website, so make sure you have a good look around our site!