Existing since: 1999
Based in: Malta

Top BetSoft Casinos

For many online players, BetSoft is one of the most modern games providers you can play with; having been launched in 2006, they have the experience only a 00s based company can. As a result, they’ve been at the fore of a lot of products, helping to make the brand one that you constantly interact with. Due to this long standing respect that many of us have for BetSoft, we wanted to look into some of the best BetSoft casinos currently online. What better way to celebrate a brand than to look at their products and review them? After all, if you’ve not ever played with this renowned label before, having a list of the top casinos and what they offer is a brilliant first step to learning more about BetSoft. You’ll notice that there’s a mix of young and old gaming sites, as well as them each offering a range of activities and bonuses.

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Casino Luck

Luck has been accessible to us from this BetSoft site since 1999, when the owners of this label first launched Casino Luck. Based on the idea of Irish luck, and four leaf clovers being a symbol of fortune, you have a traditional aesthetic greeting you when you join. Coupled with the generic imagery but well thought out design, we find that there’s two licenses in action, one coming from the MGA and the other from the UK Gambling Commission. Besides reinforcing the security, they also illustrate that this is an internationally accessible website. Players are able to play BetSoft games in various forms, with the most common being that of slot machines, although there’s scratchcards and Live Casino titles as well. To keep the fun coming, there’s a compact selection of promotions, one of which is all about the VIP club you can join.

Casino Wilds

From old to new now, with Casino Wilds a gaming label that came online in 2016. As you may have guessed from the name, the ‘wilds’ refers to wild symbols, a bonus feature of many slot machines, and so this is a casino with a preference in titles. You’ll be able to play this BetSoft activities, and many other brands, under the watchful eye of licenses from Curacao and MGA. Normally we’d discuss promotions now, but sadly Casino Wilds is more about the BetSoft titles than bonuses, with only the welcome offer available. Although limited in depth, it does reward those who’ve newly joined, which is a great incentive for you to register. What is more, as the whole basis of the site is about wilds, you actually collect more wild symbols the longer and more you play, so that’s a kind of bonus that everyone can trigger when gaming.

Mr Green Casino

This is by far one of the more diverse BetSoft casinos we’ve listed, with customers able to play a whole host of tiles, from Blackjack to Roulette to slots and live betting. The fact you have so many options is arguably why this 2008 established label is still one of the popular sites for online gamblers today. When you look into the brand and the site itself, you soon discover that there’s a license from the MGA in operation, as well as one from the UK Gambling Commission. Nowadays, you’ll often find that a lot of online casinos have more than license governing them, though that’s not a definite. Should you more for your money, there’s some gentlemanly promotions to savour, that match the elegance of the green bowler hat that acts as the logo of this brand. If you want sophistication when you game, Mr Green won’t easily be beaten.

Next Casino

Next we bring you… Next Casino, a 2013 launched gaming website, offering BetSoft activities among others from IGT and Quickspin. These titles come in many forms, though most commonly you’ll see slot machines more than anything else, and so this is a casino that appeals to a specific niche. However, there’s also the Live Casino, which does open up the diversity of this BetSoft casino more. Another way this site is opened up is by its promotions; they seem few in number, but then the exclusive club makes them go even further. This, and the titles, are covered by four licenses in total, which makes this one of the most regulated casinos we’ve come across in a long time. The UK Gambling Commission, the Danish Gambling Authority, Curacao, and MGA are the measures in place.

Omni Slots Casino

Although there’s not as many licenses governing the 2015 Omni Slots, it’s still a wonderful BetSoft casino to visit, although UK players will find they’re one of the restricted groupings of players. This is further reinforced by the fact that Curacao are the main and only license, a company that rarely licenses UK friendly sites, not unless other licenses are also in place. Nevertheless, while the license might be restrictive, the ones that can access the site will find a whole number of slot machines, with new and popular activities delivered. Also, you’ll be able to activate three main bonuses, as well as working to become part of the VIP club, a scheme that offers even more rewards.

WildSlots Casino

You can set your devices ablaze with WildSlots, a casino that started out in 2016, making in one of the fresher labels we’re discussing today. This BetSoft website is another that goes above and beyond in order to make their casino safe and regulated, as the three licenses demonstrate. These come from the UK Gambling Commission, MGA, and Curacao. But what about the activities? Well, as the name of the site suggests, most of the titles are slot machines, though Live Casino and scratch cards are available as well. You’ll also find that the promotions and elite VIP club to be similar in style and range to that of Next Casino, and so if you like one of these two, you’ll definitely like the other.

Loki Casino

We complete this guide with the Loki Casino, an international platform that doesn’t permit UK players, as the license from Curacao details to us. Although there’s some restrictions for various destinations, the majority of us will find we have access to a range of BetSoft titles, making this a hub of BetSoft gaming, hence this being seen as a BetSoft casino. If slots aren’t of interest to you, you can always play the Live Casino, which is said to have some extremely realistic VR titles in place. What is more, don’t forget to try out some of the promotions they have in place, with deposit bonuses and spins come in equal amounts for all players.