Top 5 Mistakes in Blackjack

blackjack mistakesAs it is possible for a player to get the house edge down to some very low amounts when playing games such as blackjack, it may be a game that appeals to you. If so there are in fact many different variants available online and as such finding a game you like the design and playing structure of should be easy.

However, the only way you will be able to successfully get the house edge down to the expected amount is by you playing each hand dealt out to you strategically an optimally. With that in mind we have listed below the top 5 blackjack playing mistakes inexperienced players can make when playing the majority of blackjack games online.

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Please make a note of each of the following blackjack playing errors and make sure that you never make then when playing blackjack online!

Splitting 10’s – The first playing error that some blackjack players can and will make is that they will split any pair of 10 valued cards they have been dealt out. You should only stand a pair of 10 valued cards and never be tempted to split them no matter what the dealers up card may be.

Hitting Aces – If you are ever dealt out a pair of Aces, which you will be when playing blackjack online for a reasonable amount of time, the only way you should be playing off those hands is by you splitting them and never hitting them.

Taking insurance – Under no circumstances should you be tempted to take the insurance bet when it is offered to you. The reason why that bet is never worth taking is that its house edge can be huge, many times higher than the actual house edge of the blackjack game you are playing.

Over-Staking – You should always make sure the stakes you are playing blackjack games for is in line with the size of your bankroll. If you place stakes which your bankroll cannot substation for too long, namely you place wagers that are too high in value, then there is a very good likelihood you will bust out that bankroll very quickly.

Or you could end up in a position where the best strategy for the game you are playing calls for you to double down or split a hand but you have no funds left in your casino account to perform those moves!

Surrendering a Hand – One final thing to keep in mind is that some blackjack games are going to let you surrender you hand in return for half of the stakes you have wagered on those hands, if you think there is no chance of that hand winning the game.

However, there are only a small number of times when playing blackjack games that allow you to either perform an early or later surrender that those moves are the correct ones to make. Try and get hold of a blackjack strategy card for the variant you are playing at that will show you when you should surrender your hand.

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