The Importance of Up to Date ID Documents

IDYou are not going to be able to withdrawal winnings from any casino site unless you have supplied the sites you are playing at with up to date and valid identification documents. However, it is often at the point when you do make your very first cash-in that a casino will then request those documents from you.

The internet is littered with tales of woe from players who have been depositing at certain casinos often for months or years with no problems, but when they do request their very first withdrawal that is when the casino will request their I.D. documents.

If those players cannot, for whatever reason, supply the requested documents then the casino simply will not process their withdrawal until any players have supplied the requested documents!

Therefore if you have recently signed up to any online or mobile casino sites or are about to do so then you should always ensure you have sent in copies of the documents required by those sites to allow them to verify your name, address and that you are of the legal age to gamble.

We would suggest that you send in those documents at the same time as you register as a new player at any casino site and then wait until the casino has verified you as a player before you then go onto make a deposit and play.

That way you will never have to suffer from very long and drawn out withdrawals by sending in copies of your identification documents and then wait until your account has been fully verified.

List of Valid Casino Identification Documents

It is often the licensing jurisdiction that requires all players to be fully verified before a payout can be processed and not simply the casino site you are playing at putting those obstacles in front of you, so there is no way of circumventing this legal requirement.

Below you will find a list of the accepted I.D. documents that most if not all casino sites will require you to send into their security team before your account can be fully verified and you can then go on to make a withdrawal.

Passport – To verify your age and identify one of the requested documents you will need to furnish a casino site with is a copy of your current valid passport, expired passports will not be accepted.

Driving Licence – If you do not have a passport then you will be required to send into the casino site a copy of your valid driving licence.

Utility Bill – A utility bill is the way that a casino site will verify your address, however do make sure that the bill is dated within the last three months.

Payment Method – You may also be required to send in copies of the front and back of any debit or credit card you have made a deposit with or intend to use at a casino site. Make sure that you blank out most of the numbers on the front of the card and also the CVV number on the back of the card before sending those copies in.