Super Wheel Groundbreaking Table Game Released by Play’n Go

Reinventing the wheel is usually something people don’t get much success for, but Play’n Go just got away with it. The result of their mission of ‘reinventing the wheel’ is Super Wheel, a brand-new casino game that is inspired by roulette, but steps away from it in various aspects offering a completely unique experience to inline and mobile gamblers.

The creators call it a revolutionary game of fortune developed in HTML5 format, boasting a beautiful 3D style and an original perspective from which the players witnesses what happens in the game. The bettor is seated at the head of the table and the wheel spins in front of his eyes, a big and colorful roulette-like wheel divided into 52 sections. Each section, of course, carries different values and the game is all about predicting the outcome of a spin – the wheel can only land on one segment out of a total of 52!

Beforehand, players are required to place their wagers. Available betting options include numbers 1, 3, 5, 11 and 23, as well as a Golden Horseshoe and a Golden Clover. If you bet on 1 you’ll get the chance to win even money; bet on 3 in order to win 3:1 on your bet, etc. You can select a 1, 5, 10, 25, or a 100 chip to bet per spin. Highest paying segments are the Horseshoe and the Clover, paying out at 47:1 odds. As you can see, the game resembles roulette in many aspects, but plays out in a simpler fashion.

The suspense is masterfully achieved with smooth animation, particularly during the part when the wheel eventually slows to a halt, landing on the winning segment. Once you set your bet and go through a spin, the game will offer you the possibility to Rebet with the same settings right away, which makes it convenient for players on a winning streak. Super Wheel has a 90% payout and is now joined with all the popular Play’n Go titles at your favourite online casino.