The Streets Are Alive with Magic Thanks to Play’n GO

Street magic is still quite the phenomenon, though not anywhere like on the level it was when it first broke the scene several years back. Although the hype has died down somewhat, that hasn’t stopped Play’n GO, a 1990s established iGaming brand, from attempting to bring a little bit of magic back into our lives. Move aside the tales of Harry Potter, as this day and age is all about Street Magic.

Street MagicThe simply named slot machine has been designed much like any other pokie from the Play’n GO brand, in that it adheres to a 4×5 matrix, composed of 20 winlines; it’s not delivering anything innovative in this sense. That being said, while the interface isn’t exactly new to us, the immersive graphics of the grid, including not just the paytable icons but the Magician himself, makes for a beautifully compelling game.

Users won’t find themselves on any streets, which seems to have been a missed opportunity for the brand, given the name of the game and the feel they were aiming for, however they make up for that in the character they’ve created. Instead of being given a traditional magic title, complete with rabbits out of top hats and a suit wearing magician, this time round we have a tattooed man with dark, penetrating eyes. This fits in perfectly with the urban magic atmosphere that Play’n GO wanted to capture here, though again, there’s been missed opportunities to expand on this, with the interface still giving us some semblance of old school magic.

The scatter symbol is the main way of unleashing a bonus, with the combination of two or more allowing users to select from three different outcomes: The Expanding Man, The Wild Shuffle, and The Transporting Man. This is where the Street Magic pokie starts to blow you away, as its bonuses are well thought out and in-keeping with the theme of the title. The Expanding Man is when two Magician symbols come together to create one big one, one that expands over an entire reel, bringing large wins with it. As for The Wild Shuffle, that is when the wild symbols are placed upon the winlines, like cards, to create a potential win for its users. Then, lastly, there’s The Transporting Man, which is when a third scatter symbol appears and activates a series of free spins, arguably the best trick that the Magician can gift to players.

When the free spins are activated, up to 12 can be secured, as well as as much as x5,000 what you bet being up for grabs. It’s a simple bonus game, yet it’s one that can generate a lot of prizes for those lucky enough to navigate the medium volatility of the winlines. Yes, sadly while this is a visually attractive game, the setup of the grid does mean that users will face a challenge in order to make regular ones. Please also note that users will be “penalised” by the value of their bet: if you stick to the lower thresholds, the returns will equally be as small, whereas those who bet big will watch as the potential returns increase.

Love or hate this setup, and the features offered, the magic of this game is undeniable, as too is the joy it’s brought to the team that helped create it; when Johan Törnqvist, the CEO of Play’n GO, was asked to give his thoughts on the game, his excitement was clear.

“Everybody loves the mystery and excitement of magic, and street magicians have revived the art and brought it into a new era. There’s a certain delight in being amazed by a magic trick and not knowing how it is done, and we wanted to bring that delight, and that mystery, into a slot game for audiences to enjoy.”

If you too want to experience the power of Street Magic, you can do so by playing a demo, brought to you from the webpages of Play’n GO itself, or you can visit a Play’n GO casino and play for real cash. One thing’s for sure, the Magician has plenty more tricks up his sleeves for those who cross his path.