Slot Game Payouts No Longer a Big Secret

slot payoutsNot that long ago it was easier to get blood out of a stone that get online slot game designers to reveal the payout percentages of their slot games, however times have fortunately changed and those all important slot related facts and figures are no longer a trade secret.

The reasons why many slot designers were hesitant in releasing that information was that they were concerned that it may put off players playing some of the slots with lower payout percentages, and it would also be easier for counterfeiters to replicate and fake their slot games with such information!

There are also certain online casino licensing authorities and commission that now demand that any online casino licensed by them have to make available the RTP’s of every single game those casinos have available, and it was probably that fact alone that forced a lot of companies to start revealing their payout percentages.

As a player the payout percentages of slot games is important, for by knowing with slots are going to give you more of your stake money back you can then play the better paying slots and get some much longer slot playing sessions.

All casino sites will have a fair mix of slot games and as such you should always set about looking up the RTP information before you start to play at any online casino site for you will never want to play a slot with a payout percentage of 82% for example when you could play one with a 99% RTP!

Which Slots Have the Highest and Lowest RTP’s?

One common question that first time or inexperienced online slot players will be looking for the answer to is just which slots offer the highest payout percentages, and also just which slots are set to return the lowest payout percentages.

As a general rule you will often find it is the progressive slot games that have been set to return the lowest payout percentages over the long term, and often it is the fact that slot players stakes are feeding the jackpot pool that does mean those types of slot games do have much lower RTP’s that other slots.

Another question regarding RTP’s many players will be asking is whether it is possible for a casino operator to change and alter the payout percentages on their slots at will. Many companies do not allow operators of their casino games and slot games to adjust the payout percentages of their games and as such they will all return the same RTP’s no matter in which casinos you play them at.

So when playing for example Playtech, Microgaming or NetEnt slots online no matter where you play those slots you will also find that they return the same payout percentages over the long term.

However, it is worth pointing out that when playing at casinos using Real Time Gaming software and their range of slot games that the casino operators are given a choice of three different paybacks to have attached to their slots, so the RTP’s can and may just change depending on where you play them online!

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