Single Session Slot Game Payout Percentages

slot payoutsOne quite advantageous aspect of playing slot games online is that more and more casino sites have started to list the payout percentages or RTP’s (return to player) as they are known of every single slot they have available.

The reason why you will find that information somewhere on a casinos website is that many licensing authorities and gambling commissions require, as part of their licensing requirement, that a casino makes known that information to ensure players are aware of their winning chances when playing any slot game.

The simple rule of thumb for a player wishing to have a fair chance of winning and achieving much longer slot playing sessions will be to select only the slots which boast the highest payout percentages, for over time those slot games will return more of the stakes they play through those high paying slots as winning payouts.

However, due to the way slot games are designed, that being completely random games of chance, your actual single session payout percentages that you will achieve on one or more session, playing one or more slot games is going to vary quite noticeably.

Many players like to keep track of just how well they have been doing when playing any number of slots online, and like to know exactly what payout percentage they have achieved on any one single session. It is with that in mind we have put together the following calculation, that will enable anyone, whether good at mathematics or not to be able to work out any slot games single session achieved payout percentage!

You are only required to keep a track of two things when playing a slot to be able to accurately work out the payout percentage achieved playing any slot over any given time period. The first thing is the exact amount you wagered on any one given slot playing session and also the exact amount that slot paid you out as winning payouts during that session.

mermaid's millions slot logoAs an example let us say you played the Mermaids Millions slot online, and during your session you wagered at total of €/£/$569.00, also as an example let us say that slot paid you out as winning payouts during that session €/£/$365.00 as winning payouts that were credited to your win meter and your casino account balance.

What you need to do is to simply divide the winnings €/£/$365.00 by the stakes €/£/$569.00 and that will give you a figure of 0.64 (to two decimal places), if the first digit is a zero as in our example you simply need to remove both that zero and the decimal point and you are left with 64 and that is then the payout percentage you achieved during that session, 64%.

If however you have a winning session then your winnings will be greater than your stakes. As an example let’s say you wagered €/£/$569.00 on a single slot playing session but the amount you won during that session works out at €/£/$742.00, by dividing the winnings €/£/$742.00 by the wagers €/£/$569.00 you get 1.30 (to two decimal places).

If after dividing the winnings by the stakes the first digit is higher than zero, then simple remove the decimal point only and in our example that leaves 130, and that is then your payout percentage you achieved during that slot playing session, 130%!

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