Rival Gaming Celebrating 10 Years of Operation

rival logoInventor of the range of iSlots, the world’s first fully interactive online slot games, Rival Gaming are celebrating 10 years of operation and boy have they evolved and progressed through the last decade!

If there is one thing that is important for any relatively new slot game and casino game designer it is to keep on designating and then launching slots that are not only unique but are very appealing to players. In fact, unlike Rival many casino game designers have fallen out of favour with players recently.

To celebrate their last ten years below we are going to take a look at their major milestones, and if you do like what you are reading be aware that we have a special section of our website in which we are reviewing every single slot they have launched.

205 Casino Games – Rival have designed 205 different casino games over the last ten years with the vast majority of those games being slot machines. You will find three reel slots, progressive slots and all manner of different bonus game awarding video slots on offer at any casino site offering their range of games.

However, make sure you do try out some of those iSlots we mentioned earlier, for each one will tell some form of evolving story as you play them and as you progress through each stage of the slot you will find additional and very unique bonus games and bonus features can and will be trigged.

Multi Language Games – The Rival software platform gives players the option of setting their casino accounts in one of eleven different languages, and as such if English for example is not you home language then there is a good chance your home language will be on offer.

Also many Rival powered casino sites offer multi-currency options too, so you can not only have the casino games displayed in your home language but you can also play in your home currency too.

52 Rival Powered Casinos – There are certainly no shortage of casino sites that do use both the instant play, mobile and downloadable gaming platforms from Rival, and in the last ten years there have been 52 casino sites launching using those gaming platforms.

Online and Mobile Gaming Platforms – You will have three different ways of being able to access the Rival suite of games. Thanks to the launch of their mobile gaming platform you can carry their entire suite of games in your pocket via your mobile phone and play those games anywhere you are.

Both their instant play and downloadable gaming platforms are popular with many players, and with a large array of different options settings you are going to be able to tailor each gaming session you have in such a way the games will play and be displayed in a way you find appealing.

You will of course have the ability of test driving any Rival designed casino games as free play options are available at all sites that carry their impressive suite of games.