Quickspin is Pushing Itself with the Release of Dwarfs Gone Wild

If you’ve been thinking to yourself that you know the tale of Snow White like the back of your hand, you may want to reconsider that stance when playing Dwarfs Gone Wild. This upcoming release comes from Quickspin, and has been described by the creators themselves as their “most ambitious game to date”. Although we can only interact with the basic information of the title’s features, and the trailer, we must admit that this seems to be one of their more well rounded games.

As those of you who follow Quickspin will know, the brand is known for creating lively, attractive, and brightly coloured games, with their graphics uniquely playful. It would be wrong to say that they produce some of the best aesthetics in the industry, as there’s brands, such as Yggdrasil, that tend to have the monopoly on those, however nobody can deny that Quickspin craft a rich tapestry for you to immerse yourselves in. Even more so when it comes to this new slot machine title, set to be released on June 12th.

To keep the features of the game as enigmatic as possible, not even the trailers are giving too much away. That being said, we can see that not only has the 3×5 matrix been made to look like the inside of a mine’s cavern, but that there’s several special features to activate when playing. More often than not, iGaming products tend to give you one feature at the expense of another, e.g. players are given fantastic graphics but zero bonus rounds, but that isn’t an issue you need to worry about here.

Seeing as there’s seven dwarves, there’s seven features, all of which are related to one of the dwarves – think of them as their special abilities. Even though we don’t want to give away too much, we can confirm that not only will there be free spins and wild symbols, but there’s also explosives involved, as well as a unique mirror feature. The latter of these bonuses can be the most rewarding, with users able to watch as an additional 300 symbols are placed on the grid. No doubt you have questions about how this works, due to the compact nature of the interface, which offers only 20 winlines, but you’ll have to wait until the game launches before you get your answers.

In the meantime however, you can keep yourselves busy, and prepared, by taking a look at some of the other games that Quickspin offers, like their latest addition Pirates Charm. Released on May 8th, this is still a game that’s finding its feet within the community, although we’ve seen plenty of positive feedback from players. And should a pokie not be enough to sate your appetite, you can always watch an exclusive interview with one of the producers of the new Dwarves Gone Wild, in addition to watching the trailer for the title itself. Yes, the wait for June may seem like a cruel one, but at least there’s other elements of the game you can familiarise yourselves with until then.