Poke The Guy by Microgaming Now Live

Microgaming’s latest addition is the most silly slot game you’ve had the chance to see lately, if we can even call it a slot. It’s called Poke The Guy and it defies all the traditional patterns of assembling an online slot machine; it is a game format first of its kind and it was designed with the purpose of bringing pure fun to players. Some profit won’t hurt, but the focus is undoubtedly on the silly aspect of the theme and the character.

How does this creation work? Well, the game is interactive. Your aim as a player would be to take down The Guy. As you load the game you will see him, a mischievous monster fellow, terrorising the city. At your disposal you will have a catapult at the bottom of the screen and you’ll be given a choice of weapons to throw at him. As he moves around the city map, causing mayhem, you will choose an item: a rubber duck, a piranha, a kitchen knife, a tree branch and a pile of something pink. Each of the items has a value and therefore the size of the bet is determined by your choice of projectile. Just click on the slingshot and your object will randomly land on the map, possibly hitting The Guy and securing a massive prize for you.

The prizes include the following multipliers: 2x the bet, 4x the bet, 8x the bet, 12x the bet, 18x the bet and 500x the bet. Overall, the game is simple and loads of fun. The Guy will try to evade your projectiles, but you mustn’t get discouraged. Luckily, he will strike a comical pose every time he moves and get at least a chuckle out of you when you miss. Fully optimised for mobile and available in portrait mode, Poke The Guy is available from May 31st 2018 with Microgaming and Quickfire operators across the web.