Playtech Releases New Justice League Slot

All comic book fans around the world are sitting back in comfy cinema seats, watching as the latest Justice League movie bursts onto the silver screen. It was first released on November 17th, and has already been welcomed with rave reviews, with DC finally giving us something to rival Marvel films with.

In celebration of the release, Playtech, one of the leading brands online, decided it was high time that their Justice League slot machine was launched. This double whammy means that fans around the world can not only watch their beloved heroes, but they can play alongside them too.

As followers of all gaming news, this deal between Playtech and Warner Bros has been in the works for some time now, with reports dating back to near the start of 2017. Finally though, the wait is over, and we’re able to join five of the most popular heroes around, as they battle to save the earth yet again.

Seeing as how we all detest spoilers, we’re not going to give too much away about the new film, or the slot machine, other than a few game feature previews. In regards to the structure of the slot, players will be given a 5 reels format, as is traditional, with 40 winlines active. What is more, for each of the characters that appear, which include Wonder Woman, Batman, Cyborg, Aquaman, and Flash, customers will be rewarded with a heap of free games.

Each of the heroes will gift something new and unique, making it a fun task for players to work hard to unleash all the heroic potential that lies within. Of course, alongside the specials there’s also the standard paytable, there to generate regular returns for those that pay the minimum bet.

Due to the fact that Playtech is no stranger to DC Comics, seeing as how they first teamed up with Warner Bros back in 2016, we can expect this slot to be of the same standard as their other games. Furthermore, given the cutting edge technology the label uses, we can anticipate a string of other slots joining the Justice League, such as Suicide Squad and Dawn of Justice. These games will likely have the DC Comics Superhero Progressive Jackpot that stars in the various related activities that have been released thus far.

To make the fan base even happier, Playtech have ensured that their slot can be played across all platforms, and so mobile gaming is on the cards for all who’re interested. Taking into account the reception so far, we think you’ll love the details and stellar performance that Playtech have delivered to its customers. And should you have a desire to team up with more than Wonder Woman, you can by visiting one of the many Playtech casinos out there and loading up a number of DC titles currently in circulation.

Superhero fans, new and old, we wish you luck on this latest quest, and hope to see you back here soon for some more Playtech/DC Comics news. Until then, don’t forget to give Batman and the gang a helping hand, in whatever way you can.