Online Scratch Cards

online scratchcardsOne type of game which you would not usually associate with an online casino or for that matter a land based casino is a Scratch Card, these quick play scratch and reveal type games are usually found available in shops or lottery outlets, and are often more of a snap purchase than the type of game you would set aside a playing session to get stuck into!

Whilst the early examples of online Scratch Cards could best be described as boring to play, some of the better known online casino game software companies have allocated quite some time and effort in revamping their Scratch Card game portfolio, and as such you are going to find some quite unusual ones on offer.
One casino game design company, Microgaming, really have pushed the boat out in regards to offering anyone playing at an online casino powered by their state of the art, multi-platform software a diverse array of Scratch Card games, and below we will enlighten you to what they have to offer.

For reference you will find the Scratch Cards available at a Microgaming casino listed under the Variety Games tab in the main game menu. Have a look through our listing below, you never know one of them may just take your eye! If you’re looking for an interesting read, check out this article about a woman who has won the jackpot an astonishing 4 times on real life scratchcards!

Top Paying Online Scratch Card Games

We have listed the Scratch Card games below in order in regards to those which offer the highest potential jackpot, you will be able to adjust the stake levels at which you are playing any of them for, also free play variants are also offered at all Microgaming software powered casinos, should you wish to play them at no risk.

Mumbai Magic – One Scratch Card game you should consider playing when you are logged into a Microgaming software powered casino is this Mumbai Magic game, the reason for us saying this is that it has a massive 20,000 times your staked amount jackpot on offer!

The game is a little unusual in the way it plays, as once you have chosen your stake and set the game in motion symbols will appear from a Crystal Ball in the middle of the screen, the aim as usual however is to get a matching set of three of these symbols to win!

Dawn of the Bread – This has to be one of the most unusual types of Scratch Cards you are going to see online, the game itself has a simple game play, just scratch off 9 panels, which for reference are Loaves of bread in an oven, and then match three symbols to win.

The items you will be hoping to match, rather bizarrely, but in keeping with the zombie type theme of this game include a rat, a maggot and an eye ball to name a few. The jackpot is awarded for revealing three matching eye balls and this pays a 10,000 times your staked amount payout.

Freezing Fuzzballs – You will be faced with having to first choose a stake, then scratch off nine Ice Cubes should you opt to play this particular Scratch Card game, match three of the symbols, which are all Arctic based character type symbols and you win! The jackpot on this Freezing Fuzzballs game is a generous 2,500 times your staked amount.

Granny Prix – This is another Scratch Card game which boasts a 2,500 times your staked amount jackpot, however this theme of this game is a group of elderly ladies, who all share a passion for go kart racing!
Once again the way in which you play this game is relatively standard, scratch off the nine golden panels on the screen, match three Grannies and you win one of six different payouts.

Lucky Numbers – This Scratch Card game may appeal to all you value seekers out there who like the maximum chances of winning when playing such games. This game is two Scratch Cards in one and as such two chances of winning are offered on each card you play.

The first part of the game is a scratch off six panels to reveal three matching amounts and win that amount type of game, and the second part of this Lucky Numbers game will see you scratching off a large Gong symbol, in the hope you reveal the number 8 to win the amount displayed.

New Online Scratch Cards

We are pleased to announce that Playtech have just launched and released a brand new range of Scratch Cards to complement their casino game offerings, so if you prefer playing at casinos powered by this software company then you will now be able to play a range of brand new Scratch Card games online.

They have based all of their newly released Scratch Card games around themes related to their most popular slot machines and as such you will find plenty of recognizable symbols in play on them, if of course you are familiar with Playtech’s range of slot machines!

A Night Out – One of the older video slots found in Playtech powered casinos is the A Night Out game, and this is the theme of this newly designed and released Playtech Scratch Card game, so if you fancy painting the town red, then this may be the game to play!
Fantastic Four – This game is slightly different to most other Scratch Cards as you have to scratch off a huge sixteen panels when playing it, and unlike most other games of this nature, you have to match four not three symbols to win the associated prize listed!
Blade – Another of the brand new Scratch Cards from Playtech is this Blade game, so if you enjoyed playing the Blade slot machine then why not give its new sister game a try!
The Mummy – One of Playtech’s most popular slot machines The Mummy now shares its name with a Scratch Card game, this one is simple to play and you need to scratch off nine panel in the hope of finding three matching Mummy related symbols hiding underneath any of them!