One Shot Slot Tournaments are Fairest

karate pig slotYou will often find that on our daily slot game related news stories we are going to be introducing you to quite a number of different up and coming, high valued slot tournaments.

However, what you may have become aware of is that many of those slot tournaments offer players a continue option, and by taking that paid for option a player can continue playing and amassing more tournament credits.

In some cases an online slot tournament will allow you to purchase as many as 999 continues, which does of course mean when there is a huge prize pool up for grabs it is often the players who have the largest bankrolls that will buy their way into the prize paying positions on the Leaderboard by simply purchasing more and more continues.

If you are a low stake slot player and one who only has a modest bankroll, and are not in a position to keep on purchasing lots of continues to increase your winning chances when entering any number of slot tournaments, then it is going to be worth your time and effort taking part in something known as a One Shot Slot Tournament.

Downloadable casino sites such as the one on offer at 32 Red Casino have a daily schedule of those types of slot tournaments and they offer every player an equal chance of winning a cash prize. Below is an overview of how those tournaments are structured, so take a look below and then give one of the One Shot Slot Tournaments a try, for any player could win one of them, irrespective of the size of their bankroll.

One Single Entry – Every player that enters a One Slot Shot Tournament is going to have one chance and one chance alone of scoring a high enough score to win a cash prize as only one single entry per player is permitted.

Multiple Tournament Slots – There are a range of different tournament slots in use on these types of slot tournaments, and as such you will never get tired of entering them!

Running Night and Day – The One Shot Slot Tournaments are available night and day and as such you will always find one scheduled to start soon whenever you do decide to log into 32 Red Casino.

Low Entry Fee – You will not find these tournaments expensive ones to enter, and also keep in mind that you will be able to pay for your entry fee in your own home currency as the tournament software will automatically covert your casino credits into Euros if your account is set to any other currency.

High Valued Prize Pools – The prize pools on offer on a One Shot Slot Tournaments are certainly going to be worth winning, and with several prize paying positions listed on the Leaderboard then you will have plenty of chances of making it into one of those prize paying positions, but remember you are only allowed one entry per tournament you enter, so try and enter a few of them to increase your winning chances!