New Online Casino Games

new casino gamesThere are many new variants of old favorites coming online in regards to casino games, and whilst some of these games offer brand new playing structures and features, and often a whole host of unique payouts and pay tables, not all of them may be as generous as they first appear to be.

So to give you an overview of some of the best new online casino games, below we have listed some of the better paying and playing games which can now be found in the gaming suites of several leading online casinos, which utilize some of the world’s best known casino software companies games.

Have a good look through all of the new online casino games listed, as each one will offer you a great selection of games, many of which you will never have seen before either online or when you are visiting a land based casino!

New Always Slot Machines

There is a brand new way to play slot machines online, and this is known as the Always playing structure. These brand new slot games are found in Microgaming software powered casinos and the way in which they differ from all other bonus video slots is the way in which the payline structure is designed.

On all of the older reel and video slot machines in Microgaming powered casinos you previously would have to choose how many individual paylines you wanted to put into play before spinning the reels, however these new Always slots will let you play every payline possible for one low set fee.

The way to work out just how many paylines you will be playing on these kinds of slots is simple, you simply multiply the number of reel symbols you can see on each reel by themselves, and as such you can find 243 lines are offered on slots which have 3 visible reel symbols on each line, this is worked out as follows: 3x3x3x3x3=243.

You will not have to pay a stake for each line activated as in the case on the 243 Always slots just one small set fee is charged and this is often just 30 coins per spin! There are also some Always slot which let you play 1024 lines per spin and even 3125 lines per spin!

New Level Up Video Poker

Microgaming have a range of brand new online video poker games which are proving to be very popular with video poker players, and the reason why these games are so popular is the brand new paying structure on which a special multiplier can be activated, which results in some larger winning payouts being possible.

These Level Up poker variants use many of the popular base games found in Microgaming powered casinos such as the ever popular Jacks or Better game, and when you set the game in motion you need to place four initial wagers.

You then will get to play the base game, this is much like any other Jacks or Better video poker game, and should you get dealt a winning hand on the initial base game then you move onto the second part of the game, and here you play another hand of Jacks or Better video poker and there will be a x2 multiplier in play on this hand.

Should the second hand you are dealt be a winner then you move onto the third level of the game, here a x4 multiplier is in play and should you win on this hand then the top level hand is dealt, this hand has a x8 multiplier attached to it and therefore any winning combination formed on this particular hand is worth a massive eight times its listed payout as per the paytable!

New Roulette Game

There are not that many different Roulette games being released online, however one of the most recent ones which was is found in the gaming suite of Playtech powered online casinos, this is the game of Mini Roulette and on first appearance this can look like a great game to play.

It uses the numbers one to twelve on the wheel and also has one single zero, there are many of the usual betting opportunities as found on most other Roulette games such as offering you the chance to place a wager on one number or on any of the even money wagers etc.

However the Mini Roulette game is not the best Roulette variant to play, in fact it is one of the worst due to the high house edge that the game boasts, and as such should you come across this variant it should not be one you play for real money due solely to that large house edge!

New Mobile Casino Games

You will find a lot of online casino are now launching their own mobile casino games, and you will be able to play these games on any of the new mobile tablet devices such as iPads, or on any of the new smart phones which everyone seems to have these days!

It is worth noting however that the games offered by some of the major software providers, those being Microgaming and Playtech are not new games, they are in facts replicas of their standard casino games.

This means that should you be used to playing at Microgaming or Playtech powered casinos and have your own personal favourite games, then it is often worth checking the mobile gaming apps of these casinos as you will often find many of your own personal favorites tucked away in the apps.

There are however one or two new software developers releasing their own suite of completely unique mobile casino games, but it is often best to check that these games have been given a certificate of randomness or have had their games independently verified as fair and true, before you sit down to play them!

All of the better known online casino software providers will let you play their mobile games for free should you simply wish to check how they play, so if you have a new tablet or smartphone then feel free to give these new casino games a try!