Mobile Poker Sites on the Increase

We have seen a sharp increase in the number of mobile poker sites being launched recently and whilst the actual concept of playing poker on a mobile phone or any type of mobile device may seem completely alien to many players, thanks to the unique way a lot of mobile poker sites work and operate it may be a way of playing some poker players are willing to investigate.

Having been around for almost two decades now the online poker playing environment has grown to saturation point, with many poker sites offering all manner of different poker game variants and ongoing daily poker tournaments players are often overwhelmed when they move their one time land based poker playing online, and it can often be just as confusing when poker players start to play mobile poker.

With this in mind below we will take a look at how mobile poker sites compare with online poker sites for there are quite a number of differences that you need to factor into any mobile poker playing sessions that you are considering taking part in.

Comparing Mobile Poker Sites to Online Poker Sites

If you have acquired a mobile phone or tablet device recently and you are wishing to utilize that device to play mobile poker, then below are a few differences you are going to find when you opt to play at any of the larger mobile poker sites, whilst many of the features, games and tournaments offered on a mobile poker platforms are identical to online poker sites you do need to know about some subtle and some not so subtle differences this new way of playing poker offers.

Playing Multiple Tables – You are able to play at multiple tables when playing at an online poker site, however due to the size of the screen of many mobile phones being much smaller than a computer or laptop screen then most mobile poker sites only offer you the option of playing at one table at a time, this should not affect the playing pleasure of most poker players, but if you do wish to play lots of poker tables and open up several windows to play them on then this is not possible at the majority of online poker sites.

Mobile Poker Bonuses – One aspect of playing poker online or on a mobile device is that you are always going to get all manner of different poker bonuses offered to you. In fact it may be worth checking out your usual online poker sites mobile website, for some of them are giving away new player bonuses to players who start to use their mobile gaming platforms even if they are already an online player at their respective online poker site!

Poker Tournaments – It will depend on just which mobile poker site you choose to play at in regards to whether you are going to be able to take part and enter poker tournaments when accessing a poker sites mobile gaming platform, the poker tournament structures have not be moved over and made compatible with all mobile poker platforms and as such you will need to check out whether any mobile poker site you are thinking of playing at offers poker tournaments as a large number of them don’t!

Poker Game Variants – A lot of mobile poker sites are currently playing catch up in regards to the number of actual poker game variants that you can access on their respective poker platforms, you are of course going to find no shortages of mobile poker sites offering the more commonly available game variants such as Omaha Poker and Texas Hold’ Em Poker, however the more unusual poker game variants such as Stud Poker and Razz Poker have yet to be added to mobile poker sites.

Mobile Web Poker Sites – You are going to be given the choice of either downloading a Poker App onto your mobile device or you can opt to access these sites via the mobile web browser attached to the vast majority of mobile devices. Make sure that if you do opt for the Poker Apps that you have enough space on your mobile device and when accessing a Poker App close down any Apps you are not using so as not to slow down or in any way affect the operation of the Poker App.

Poker Rewards – You are going to get just as many poker related comps and loyalty bonuses when playing on a mobile device as you would when accessing an online poker site, the value of any comps you earn and the redemption values are always going to vary depending on just which poker site you are playing at, and as is always the case you should do a little shopping around to guarantee you will be accumulating and amassing the most comps and little extras when playing poker on a mobile device or at an online poker site!

Disconnection Rules – One aspect of playing at a mobile poker site that you may be concerned about is in regards to what happens if your connection drops out. When you are on a journey for example on a train it is often the case you will pass through a tunnel or the train will pass through an area where there is no mobile signal and as such if you are half way through a poker game then you will no longer be able to play in that game until you reconnect to the mobile poker site.

Every mobile poker site will have their own rules in regards to what happens when a player loses their connection to the site, and as such make sure you are fully aware of what will happen to any live hands you have in play if you lose your connection as these can and will vary from site to site.

One final tip to help you avoid possible disconnections when playing at a mobile poker site is to always ensure your mobile device is fully charged before you log in and start playing, for you don’t want the mobile device you are using to go flat when playing in a live poker game!