Mino Roulette Online

With a wheel just one-third the size, mini roulette offers fast-paced and easy to follow action. Online players are raving about this “slightly less serious” version of one of the most popular casino games in history… here’s what you need to know about it.

Where Can You Play Mini Roulette?

mini-rouletteThe “mini” version of roulette is great. However, it is a specialty game and not many online casinos offer it. US based players, unfortunately, are out of luck here, as it appears mini roulette is not offered by any casino which accepts US players. Mini roulette is also an online-only game… you can play mini roulette online, but it appears that no “brick and mortar” casino offers this speciality version of the game.

In that respect mini roulette is much like 3 wheel roulette… something of a “unicorn” game which only online players can enjoy.

Why Play Mini Roulette Online?

The bottom line is, mini roulette is very exciting and enjoyable. It’s a refreshing change from the regular version, plus it’s often more thrilling. Why? The answer is simple. With a smaller table, it’s much easier to follow the results.

Let’s look at what happens if you put a straight bet (which is to say a bet on one number) on a game of European roulette versus a game of Mini roulette.

In the European roulette game, it’s very hard to keep your eye both on the wheel and the ball at the same time. It’s hard to predict the final result.

In mini roulette, it’s much easier to anticipate where the ball will land — each spin is far more exciting and tense. This much higher level of anticipation and awareness mean that mini roulette is an absolute riot! Roulette lovers practically must try mini roulette.

Mini Roulette Compared with European Roulette

The major difference between mini and European roulette is that mini roulette has 24 fewer numbers on the wheel. It’s essentially roulette played at one-third the size.

Of course, there’s still a single “0” (green) number which provides the house edge. This means that the house edge is higher in mini roulette online than it is in regular European roulette.

Bets and Payouts

With fewer numbers, your betting options and your payouts are a little different, even though all the standard bets are still available.

Red, Black, Even, Odd, and 1-6 or 7-12

These bets all pay 1 to 1 with a 46.2% chance of winning. There are actually several bets available covering 6 numbers, not just the 1-6 and 6-12 bets, but they all have the same payout and odds.


Betting on 4 numbers in a “column” across the table pays out 2 to 1 with a 30.8% chance of winning.


Place your chip in a corner shared by 4 numbers and (since you’re betting on as many numbers as a “column” bet) the payout and odds are the same as with the “column” bet — 2 to 1 with 30.8% chance of winning.


Street bets let you bet on 3 numbers across; it’s like a “column” bet but with one number fewer. These bets pay 3 to 1 with a 23.1% chance of winning.


Put the chip on the line between two numbers and you have a “split” — this bet on two numbers pays 5 to 1 with a 15.4% chance of winning.

The Straight

Place your chips on a single number and it’s a “straight” bet, with the lowest chance of winning but the highest payout — you have just 7.69% chance of winning with this bet but you’re paid 11 to 1 if you do.

Mini Roulette’s House Edge

Mini Roulette has the highest house edge of any major roulette game. European wheels have a 2.7% house edge, American wheels a 5.26% house edge, and mini wheels a 7.69% house edge.

This is because there’s only 12 red and black numbers, while there’s still a single green number. A European roulette wheel has 36 red and black numbers compared with a single green number.

To give you an example, say you put $10 bets on each of red and black. With this bet, you’ll make your money back every time provided the ball doesn’t drop into green (0).

On a European wheel you’d lose all $20 one spin out of every 37, statistically speaking. On the other hand a mini wheel would cost you your $20 one spin out of every 13.

Therefore, while mini roulette is tremendously fun to play, it’s not the game for you if your goal is maximising your chances of winning money instead of having fun.