Microgaming Video Poker Payouts

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In this guide we are taking a look at the range of Microgaming designed and supplied video poker games of which there are dozens of different variants available at any and all casino sites that use their range of games or any of their gaming platforms.

It is going to be the long term expected payout percentages that we will be enlightening you on throughout this guide, and as such it is always going to be the variants that boast the highest “return to player percentages” (RTP’s) that you should be looking to play.

However, you will always need to play any video poker variant perfectly for you to have any chance of achieving the expected RTP.

The simplest way you can ensure that you’re playing perfectly  when playing Microgaming’s range of video poker games is to simply turn on the auto hold setting, as that ensures the very best cards on the initial hand are held for you automatically, and thus you will never make any strategic playing errors with that option stetting switched on.

Make sure that you always also play maximum coins when playing any video poker game on which there is an enhanced payout for the Royal Flush hands, for playing any fewer than the maximum number of coins will reduce the expected RTP of that variant!

Highest RTP Video Poker Game Variants

You have single hand variants, multi-hand variants and even a couple of progressive video poker games now available at Microgaming powered casinos sites and also a range of new Level-Up Poker games too.

However, the pay tables on each of those games are going to return a different long term expected RTP, and sometimes the pay tables are different on the single hand and multi hand variants! By far and away the best paying Microgaming video poker game is their All Aces game on which with perfect strategy you will be playing a game offering a huge 99.92% RTP.

all aces video poker

The industry standard pay table is found on Microgaming’s Jacks or Better variant and as such you will find that pay table returns a payout percentage of 99.54% with optimal play. Moving onto the very next best paying variant you will come across the All American variant and with perfect play you will be rewarded with a long term expected RTP of 99.38% when playing that game online.

One final game which you may be interested in playing if you want to play a video poker variant offering a decent and fairly high RTP is the Deuces Wild variant, the multi hand variant from Microgaming offers a pay table that returns a payout percentage of 99.37%.

Be warned the RTP of the single hand variant is much lower due to a reduced set of payouts on the pay table and for reference the RTP of the single hand Deuces Wild variant is just 96.76%!