Mega Fortune Slot Finally Bursts

mega-fortuneThe NetEnt designed Mega Fortune slot is one of those slot games that is famed for it jackpot, being a progressive slot and one that does not award its jackpot as regularly as other progressive games there is always an appealing and huge sized jackpot on offer.

However, having not been won for quite a while one lucky player, that being a player from Norway, decided to try their luck on the slot on the 15th September 2016, and would you believe it that player did manage to win its €4.8million jackpot!

Having been around for a number of years now we do have some quite meaningful stats about that slot in regards to the average amount each player has won via the jackpot when playing it, and as such it is worth knowing that the average jackpot amount won by players on the Mega Fortune slot game is a whopping €3,190,732.

What you should therefore consider doing if you are a slot player who does enjoy playing progressive slots and you are ever logged into a NetEnt software powered casino site is to wait until the current value of the Mega Fortune slot games jackpot has grown to at least that amount before playing it.

The reason for us saying that is that as soon as any slot which boasts a progressive jackpot does reach its average hit amount then there is a chance that jackpot may be about to be won, simply due to the fact that it has become overdue so keep that in mind!

Playing Progressive Slots Optimally

If at any time you do fancy trying your luck on a progressive slot game then there are certainly no shortages of them available, in fact there are hundreds of different jackpot paying slots you can play at all of our reviewed casino sites!

However, when it comes to knowing when and how to play those slot games that is something that does of course come with experience, with that in mind make sure you take a look at the current values of any progressive slot game you are thinking of playing, for it will be those that have above average jackpots on offer that are going to be the most likely ones to award their respective jackpots!

We monitor all of the highest valued progressive jackpots each month, and as such make sure you have a look through our recent news stories as there will be one of them that will point out the slots which currently have the very largest jackpots on offer.

One final word of caution in regards to selecting a casino at which to play these types of slots is to make sure you pick one that will pay you out your jackpot in a single lump sum payment.

Many smaller casino sites have weekly or month cash out limits of just a few thousand Pounds, Dollars or Euros and as such when playing at those casino sites you may have to wait months or even years to get paid out your jackpot in full!