Lucky 7 3D Mobile Slot

lucky 7 3d slotThe Lucky 7 3D slot game is similar to the older style Classic slots you often find dotted around the gaming floor of land based casinos. This type of slot will appeal to players who look for simple to play slots offering a non complicated type of playing structure.

Whilst this slot will not appeal to everyone, thanks to its generous pay table and high return to player payout percentage it could be a slot game worth playing when you have a casino bonus in your account or are simply looking for a distraction from the fast based bonus video slots which BetSoft Gaming have plenty of on their mobile gaming platform.

There are two different ways you can view this slot when playing it, the first option which you can choose from is the Wide View option, this gives you a wide screen type of view of the slot on which you can see the entire slot.

However if you wish to play it another way then opt to play it via the Full View option setting, this is a zoomed in animation on which you can just see the reels and nothing else.

Stakes and Prizes

As with the majority of other slot games which make up BetSoft Gaming’s suite of mobile 3D slot games, this Lucky 7 slot comes with five coin value setting options, these are 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.25 and 0.50. You can play a maximum of three coins on this games one single payline per spin you make.

Be aware that there is in fact an enhanced jackpot on this Lucky 7 slot game which becomes active when you play three coins per spin, lining up three of the Jackpot symbols which are the Red Seven symbols will award a jackpot worth 1000 coins when playing one coin per spin, 2000 coins for playing 2 coins per spin to 5000 coins for playing three coins per spin.

So if you do decide to give this classic slot game some play time then ensure you play the maximum 3 coin spins, as that enhanced jackpot will increase the expected long term payout percentage of the slot and give you maximum playing value.

The other reel symbols on this slot game include a Lucky 7 Star symbol, and when spinning in three of these symbols on the payline a payout of 250 coins, 500 coins and 750 coins is awarded to you based on you playing either one, two or three coins per spin.

There is also a Cherry symbol in play on this Lucky 7 slot game, and you only need one of these symbols to spin in anywhere on the payline to be awarded a small modest payout.

You will also find three different Bar symbols in play on all of the reels and these are the Single, Double and Triple Bar symbols all of which has a different payout associated with them dependent on how many coins you activated on the payline when any three of the matching or mixed Bar symbols spin in.

Bonus Games

The Lucky 7 slot game which is the only slot from BetSoft Gaming presented as a 3 reel single line slot comes with no bonus games at all. You simply need to select a stake, spin the reels and hope a winning combination of matching reel symbols spin in!