Kronos vs Zeus Slots: Let the Battle Begin

kronos slotFans of WMS designed slot games will be aware that there are plenty of potentially very high paying high variances slots now available online from this well established and much loved slot game designer and manufacturer.

Two of their most played and most popular slots that have been around for years in land based casinos and are now available online are the Kronos slot and the Zeus slot game.

As part of our ongoing series of news stories we set one of our team members a task, and that was to play both slots with a £200 bankroll and determine just which of those two all time classic video slots is the best one to play! Below you will find out the results of that task which may just help you decide just which one of those slots to play when you are next in a slot spinning frame of mind!

Kronos a Totally Enveloping Slot

With a set of large oversize scatter symbols, three of which when spun in will trigger a set of free spins there is a lot to like about the Kronos slot. It is a five reel, 20 pay line slot on which a special set of Stacked Jackpot and Wild symbols can be spun in.

This slot in my opinion is a much better slot to play than the Zeus slot for the way in which the bonus game can be triggered and the two sets of Stacked Wilds symbols coupled with the dramatic sound effects makes this slot a totally enveloping slot.

One final thing to be aware of is that the Kronos slot game boasts a long term expected RTP of 95.94% which is slightly higher than the payout percentage of the Zeus slot game, and as such this slot in my opinion will give you a much more entertaining and exciting slot playing session as you will get more winning spins over the long term!

Zeus Slot a High Variance Must Play Slot

You will find the Zeus slot game is a slot on which there are five standard video reels and 30 optional pay lines, and as is standard this is a multi-denomination slot.

The way in which this slot awards its bonus game is fairly standard which is by a player spinning in at least three of the Bonus scatter symbols one of each on reels one, two and three. When two of them spin in the remaining reels will spin slightly slower than normal to add to the suspense! However, that does eventually get tiring after a bit as you will often not get the third Bonus symbols spinning in and will experience lots of near misses!

Sadly when comparing the Zeus slot to the Kronos slot I found that this slot games payout percentage was set at 95.21%, whilst a single session RTP will of course vary, when it comes to getting better playing value and more winning spins it is the Kronos slot game that wins hands down and is the slot I would suggest you play online