July Online Gaming News

It is an exciting time right now in the world of iGaming. Traditionally the Summer can be a quiet time in the industry, but things are going full steam ahead so far. Here are some of the biggest July Online Casino news and highlights around the world

Pokerstars in Question as Resorts Casino Hotel Agreement Sealed

pokerstars logoNYX Gaming and Sportech plc have both announced that their SNG Interactive joint venture has sealed a deal with the Resorts Casino Hotel, a New Jersey land operator. The agreement aims to create a new online gambling platform that is licensed under the New Jersey regulations. Resorts Casino Hotel is known in the iGaming industry as the partner for Pokerstars.

According to the statement issued by Sportech-NYX, it is revealed that they will invest up to $2 million for the joint venture project and the gaming platform is expected to be launched in January 2015. Players will be offered a complete set of online casino games such as blackjack, slots, and roulette. SNG will also be responsible for the turnkey operational support such as customer support and other related services.

According to a company spokesman, the joint venture is Sportech’s first initiative to add a i-gaming business division to its already expansive list or retail, telephone, and online betting services in the US.

Fruit Zen Simultaneous Mobile and Desktop Release

Fruit Zen is the latest Slots3 game to be released by the online gambling software developer BetSoft Gaming. It is a five reel, 10 pay-line slot and is the developer’s second game in its Arcade product line. The game has been released for both mobile and desktop.

As its name implies, Fruit Zen is an Asian themed as well as mellow gambling experience. Anthony Locke, Head of product development at BestSoft, states that a noteable feature of the game is its 3D water effect in the animated theme. The Zen flowers bonus brings forth a surge of excitement since it transforms the reel into a Wild Reel which automatically provides a free spin while the Wild Reel is locked in place.

Massachusetts Senator Legalization Attempt Fails

Massachusetts Sen. Michael Rush plans to insert an online gambling amendment into the current budgetary debate fails as The Senate drops the amendment. The amendment seeks to give the state lottery the ability to extend its operations into some forms of online gambling.

The amendment aims to give the lottery commission authority to “…implement online games of skill, including, but not limited to, fantasy sports, so-called, poker, so-called, and other games of skill.” The dropping of the amendment deals a big blow to the process of legalizing online gambling in the eastern state.

The expansion to support online gambling is strongly supported by influential figures such as Massachusetts Treasurer Steve Grossman so as to compete with other eastern states such as Delaware as well as New Jersey. However, the move has been met with opposition from equally influential politicians such as Martha Coakley.

This is one of many attempts by pro-online gambling state politicians over the course of the past 18 months but have all been met with a lack of support despite it garnering recent positive legislative hearings.

Macau’s First Bitcoin ATM Will Not Replace UnionPay

bitcoinMacau authorities have reached a compromise in using the China UnionPay when it comes to using them on pawnshops and jewellery at casino property. To allay previous fears, government is not forcing shops to stop using UnionPay devices. However, the application for new terminals will no longer be available. The government also states that it will perform an appraisal on the current situation that may last from three to four months. They are not discounting the possibility of withdrawing all said devices from all casino shops if they do not find the results satisfactory.

Numerous shops have enjoyed a very rewarding sideline as they allow gamblers to buy luxury goods by using their UnionPay cards. They then exchange the item immediately for cash—after commission. This method has allowed gamblers a workaround on the China’s restrictions regarding taking the money out of the country. Unfortunately, some entrepreneurs have taken things too far as they allow Macau gamblers too make withdrawals on the mobile swiping devices via their UnionPay. These transactions are then recorded to appear as if the withdrawal was made on the mainland.

Bitcoinnect Ltd, insists that the timing of their installation is not related to the crackdown on UnionPay devices.