Is Progressive Roulette Worth a Punt?

roulette royaleOne Roulette game that is often overlooked by players is the Roulette Royale variant. You’ll find this one hidden away in the games menu of casino sites that use the downloadable gaming platform from Microgaming.

What makes that game much different to all other Roulette games from Microgaming is that it boasts a progressive jackpot. However, you will need everything to fall into place when playing Roulette Royale for you to have a chance of winning the progressive jackpot!

If you have not yet played this game then allow us to give you a quick run through in regards to the way it has been designed. Hopefully, this will allow you to judge for yourself whether it is likely to be a game you will fancy playing.

The first thing to note about this game is that you will have to play it via the real money mode as a free play option is not available to players due to the live in play progressive jackpot!

Obligatory Side Bet – The minimum chip value setting on the Roulette Royale game is 1.00, however on each spin you choose to play off you are also forced to pay and obligatory side bet wager which is a fixed side bet costing 1.00.

However, by placing that side bet, which you are forced to do then you will have the chance of winning a range of bonus cash payouts one of which is the progressive jackpot you can see ticking away and growing in value at the top of the screen.

Bonus Winning Payouts – The bonus winning payouts are triggered and awarded to you once you start to spin in the same number on two or more consecutive spins. Therefore when you are playing this Roulette game variant always ensure you have enough cash in your casino account to continue playing it if the same number does spin in two or more times!

The bonus payouts begin when two numbers have been spun in on the trot, whether you have placed a bet on those numbers or not, as the side bet is covering all numbers for you in that way.

Two numbers spinning in consecutively awards a cash payout of 15.00. Then if the next number is the same one as has just been spun in twice then that third consecutive same number spin awards a bonus payout of another 200.00.

Get that number spinning in a fourth time on the trot and an additional 3000.00 is awarded to you, and then you will be guaranteed to be fixated on the Roulette wheel on the next spin. If the same number spins in a fifth time on the trot you will be awarded with the progressive jackpot in full!

Single Zero Roulette Game – The base game on the Roulette Royale game is the European Roulette game variant. As such the house edge on all available betting opportunities is 2.70% however keep in mind the forced progressive side bet does boast its own house edge!