Highlander Slot Being Developed by Microgaming

Finally, a good and reliable software company is signing a licensing agreement to develop a Highlander slot true to its source material, and it was a long time coming. The latest news published on the Microgaming website confirm it – the experienced developer will create a Highlander video slot based on the 1986 cult classic directed by Russell Mulcahy, starring as Christopher Lambert as the immortal Highlander.

The story revolves around a skilled Scottish swordsman and the movie jumps back and forth through time between 1980s New York and archaic Scotland to cover his life and mission to overpower his equally immortal opponent. For a branded slot, Highlander is the perfect choice, being one of the great hit movies of the 80s with action, great narrative and electrifying soundtrack.

Microgaming representatives have said that the upcoming slot will try hard to capture the magic of the movie and include the recognisable scenery, as well as rock-inspired music tracks and iconic characters. Highlander won’t be released until Scottish Highlands and New York City imagery is balanced perfectly and characters such as Connor MacLeod, Brenda Wyatt and The Kurgan are featured heavily on the reels. The statements gotten from the games publisher at Microgaming sound promising at the least, and we’re sure fans of the movie will gladly revisit the Highlander legend adapted into a powerful slot machine format. It was also said the game will feature 243 ways to win and a classic movie poster art style.

Since Highlander is a trademark of Studiocanal S.A.S., Microgaming got Creative Licensing Corporation to broker the signing of the license agreement and secure the rights to adapt the franchise into another successful branded video slot. The game is in the works and is scheduled to hit all the biggest Microgaming casinos on Wednesday, 6th of December, 2017.