Everything You Can Learn from the Highest Payout Online Casinos (Australia)

When a player chooses an online casino where he wants to start his gambling activity for real money, he needs to check many things before starting the game and even better before registering. In addition to checking the casino’s reliability, legality, and availability, you need to pay significant attention to the information about payments because you must understand what to expect when you win, what possible payment methods are available, and how fast they are. After all, if you do not think about this in advance, you can choose a casino from which you will wait for your payment for months, which, of course, is not very encouraging.

Here you can see what fast payment methods are available:

  • E-wallets (PayPal, Skrill, Neteller);
  • Bitcoins & Cryptocurrency;
  • Bank cards (Credit or Debit).

If your choice is between casinos with fast payouts or not, especially in Australia, then, of course, you need to choose the first ones, which can provide you with your winnings in a matter of hours, or, depending on the number of winnings, within a few days, but no longer.

There are many highest payout online casinos Australia that easily offer their players’ fast payout methods and Best Online Pokies for all tastes. It is worth noting that there are casinos that offer online pokies Australia free bonus no deposit, which means that a player can receive a welcome bonus for playing real money online pokies without making any first deposit. Do not forget about the existence of online pokies with free spins or free slots, in which a player can check the game, try out his gaming skills without any money investment. Often on such sites, no download, no registration required, you can play completely without restrictions. And finally, do not neglect online pokies reviews, which contain a lot of useful information.

Payout Percentages Work

The well-known concept of the payout percentage in slot machines is nothing more than the return of the average amount of money to the player in comparison with his original bet as a win. You need to understand that this feature cannot guarantee the player full payment regardless of how many game sessions he goes through. Still, there is an understanding that the more spins occur, the more chances it will approach the existing percentage of payments.

The payout is calculated as follows: with a $ 100 bet and a slot payout percentage of 95%, the player can get back the $ 95 winnings.

The casino can control the percentage of payments in a particular slot and set its ratio when it appears on the site. Still, the casino has no right to change this indicator. It is also worth noting that legal casinos receive regular tests from special independent gambling services.

To get high wins, it is better to observe the following points:

  • Play only in proven legal online casinos.
  • Choose slots with the highest payout percentages, but you shouldn’t focus solely on this feature.
  • Understand that the more spins you make, the more chances you have for a big return.

Don’t ignore Variance in Slots

Variance in slot machines shows the variability of the winning wins, it is thanks to it that you can break a big win by betting just a few pounds, but at the same time, you can place medium or large bets and immediately lose them.

There are three types of variance in slots:

  • High (rare impressive wins).
  • Low (brings frequent small wins).
  • Medium (regular wins with medium and sometimes high payouts).

high low wins

As you can see from the above information, to get the biggest jackpots, you need to choose slots with high variance, but be prepared for long sessions with droughts. Or, if you want to have more stability in the drop-down wins, choose medium or low variance. Whatever your choice, never forget about the conscious play, do not spend more than you can afford.

Return-to-Player (RTP) is a Friend of Yours

When choosing a slot machine in an online casino, you should pay special attention to the analysis of its main characteristics. The player will provide himself with more advantageous positions in the game and understand whether to place small but more often or rare large bets.

In each game, there is such an indicator as Return to Player. It is briefly used as RTP. This digital function is shown as a percentage and is explained as the average amount of money returned to the player, compared to the amount he bet earlier. You need to understand that RTP cannot guarantee a full payout regardless of the number of gaming sessions, but the more spins, the more chances for an impressive payout. Logically, it would be best if you choose slot machines with the highest RTP.

To find worthy slots with the opportunity to win impressive sums, you can resort to several simple tricks:

  1. Browse various topics on the Internet, where you can see information about gaming sessions of experienced players who share the slots they won the most. It is also recommended to watch streams and blogs of popular players.
  2. It is worth monitoring particular sites that offer free access to independent comparisons and reviews of casinos and slots.
  3. Some developers are famous for their high RTP slots. For example, such as Playtech or NetEnt.
  4. Avoid slot machines with lower payments or those who practically do not pay.

Attention on the House Edge

The concept of House Edge is prevalent in slot machines. It denotes the advantage of the casino when, for example, it takes 5%, which remains from 95% of the payout percentage declared in the slot. The House Edge may be incorporated into a slot machine rules casino. In any case, you can see and understand what this indicator is.

Based on the above, it will not be a secret for anyone that it is worth choosing the casino and slots with the highest RTP, which is the same as the payout percentage, then you increase your chance of a big return and reduce the House Edge.

Slot machines are a complex mechanism with the same complicated software based on a random number generator, which produces the results of each player’s spin. As a result, any result will be entirely random. So it turns out that one day you can win the first time, and another time you can spin the reels for hours and with the amounts of payments, they can be very different.

house edge

When betting impressive amounts in slots with a high Return to Player ratio, the return will also be high but do not run to bet everything. The risk of not getting the full return of payments is also there need to remember about it. There are many other functions in slots that can also greatly affect the initial result.

Below you see a list of the top high RTP games that you can easily try out and are very interesting in their own right.

Mega Joker (99% RTP)

Quite an exciting fruit slot with a classic theme from NetEnt, which allows the player to get impressive wins thanks to the highest payout percentage, special features (Supermeter Mode, Gamble Mode), and high volatility. Besides, there is a progressive jackpot and an opportunity to win £30,000.

Ooh Aah Dracula (99% RTP)

It is a bit crazy slot in the style of a single vampire’s dark story with different exciting features, free spins, an impressive bonus round, and, again, a huge RTP. The difference in the range of rates from 10 cents to $ 500 per spin is encouraging. The slot is considered one of the best from Barcrest and for a good reason.

Indian Dreaming (98.99% RTP)

A stylized Indian inspired game from Australian provider Aristocrat. The slot pleases its players with a prize pool of 9000 jackpots, high winning odds thanks to 243 paylines, and more. Also, the slot machine includes well-drawn graphics, especially in symbols.

Lightning Link (98% RTP)

It is quite a well-known slot from Aristocrat, which is very popular among experienced players. Bets can be placed from a minimum of 1 penny to a maximum of $500, making the slot universal for different players. What’s more, Lightning Link has excellent bonus features, free spins, and an impressive payout percentage.

Blood Suckers (98% RTP)

It is an older generation vampire slot from NetEnt with still decent graphics. The slot machine has multipliers and free spins, 25 paylines, and a maximum possible winnings of 45,000. A unique feature of the game is the special function The Click Me Coffin Stabbing with vampires and stakes in the heart and, of course, there are great bonus symbols.

Piggy Bank (97.3% RTP)

It is one of the funniest and brightest slots that combines various funny piglet symbols. The game offers players unique bonuses and a generous Smash the Pig bonus game, an average number of free spins, 243 ways to win, and a completely intuitive interface. The minimum bet in Piggy Bank is 50 cents, and the maximum is only $ 10, so the player will not be able to make a huge bet.

Big Red (97.04% RTP)

Aristocrat’s unique and popular kangaroo slot features 5 paylines, a jackpot of up to 10,000 coins, an impressive 225 free spins, and grandiose multipliers. Bets start at 10p per spin and go up to £ 50, a maximum of £ 250 when using all lines.

aussie slots

Aussie Pokies Payouts vs. Other Casino Games

It can be immediately noted and made clear that the payout rate is always higher in online slots than in land-based slot machines. When the average rate of online slots is in the region of 94-95%, then in land-based slots, it can drop to 75%, which is very small.

Slots from NetEnt can be considered the undoubted golden mean, which has some of the most comfortable slots for players with average RTPs. And the worst option is Amaya slots, which store indicators below 93%.

If we compare Australian online slots with other casino games, they are slightly above average. It is worth noting that, although other casino games have more impressive payouts, they also have more difficult moments of passing with greater risks. For example, Blackjack has a high payout rate, but playing it will be very difficult for a player to get significant winnings.

Summary Table House Advantage UNLV Gaming

Summary Table for House Advantage by UNLV Gaming

Based on everything, the player needs to decide about his game and with his money reserves for bets, whether he is ready to risk large sums of money to get impressive wins, or is it better to choose the middle with average payouts and less risky bets.

Cash Out at the Best Aussie Online Casinos

The online casino payment system designates processing moments when the player withdraws or credits funds (deposits). The casino site on which you are going to play must only have proven and reliable ways of working with funds. Besides, if the casino site quickly processes your money requests, this shows the casino’s level and its site in general.

A good online casino site, at least, will have several options for deposits, methods of crediting, and withdrawing funds (faster one in priority).

The fastest way a player can withdraw his winning money from a casino is a Trustly electronic wallet with withdrawal per day, followed by other standard wallets such as PayPal, ecoPayz, Neteller, and withdrawals can vary from one to three days.

Legal and not complicated manipulations can accelerate the withdrawal process:

  • Check account details and keep them in order.
  • Often casinos provide premium or VIP memberships. These customers are processed faster.
  • Play only on honest, licensed casino sites.
  • Check carefully the various casino withdrawal requirements, especially bonus moments.

As a result, when you choose a place where to play gambling slot machines, carefully go through all online casino information. Check its legality, the availability of payment methods convenient for you, and how fast they are, as well as the presence on the site of the most profitable slots with high percentages payments.