Habanero’s Cake Valley Slot

Who’s to say slot games aren’t for players with a sweet tooth; after all they all originate from fruit machines! Habanero’s latest release takes the sugar level up a notch with a 243-ways video slot called Cake Valley. Don’t worry, baking and cakes won’t make you feel less of a powerful player – on the contrary, it’s all about letting the dough rise and enjoying the sweet taste of victory in the end.

With all kinds of sugary treats and sweets on the screen and an innovative Jelly Selector you’ll start watering at the mouth after the first spin. Cake Valley boasts impressive graphics, a truly crisp visual presentation and endearing sound effects; it looks like a pastry shop under the clouds and evokes a dreamy experience. As for the Jelly Selector, you’ll be able to pick the mode to play in – red jelly, yellow or green. Depending on which jelly you’ll chosen to add to the general recipe, there will be jelly fields in that colour behind the symbols, and they’ll move constantly until certain symbols match and free spins get triggered. For example, when in red jelly mode you need to match four symbols to get eight free spins, whereas in yellow jelly mode three matched symbols that got stuck in the jelly will trigger twelve free spins.

People at Habanero are pretty confident about their new release and speak grandly of the Jelly Selector control as something that provides more interaction with the players. Indeed, they will be able to choose themselves the mode best suited with their preferences. The function is unique and innovative and seems like a lot of fun. The company has high hopes for Cake Valley and predicts it will be one of the most popular Habanero slots in the upcoming period.

Looking back at Habanero’s existing portfolio, the company released nearly 80 top-notch video slots so far, as well as various table games and video poker machines, and their collection is getting picked up by more and more online casinos, especially of late. Cake Valley may prove to be the title that launches Habanero into orbit and solidifies their creative vision. The freshly released slot is available at mobile and online Habanero-powered casino venues.