Triple Bonus Spin Roulette

triple bonus spin rouletteHow do you fancy sitting down and playing a Roulette game on which with a little bit of luck in playing, from one single spin on the wheel you could trigger a bonus game on which a huge 12,000 times your wagered amount will be awarded to you as a bonus winning payout?

Well, if that is something that tickles your fancy the game you need to track down and play is the Triple Bonus Spin Roulette game.

That game is designed as an instant play Roulette game and as such you will never be forced to have to download any casinos entire suite of games to be able to access it, and it is available as both a free play game and a real money game at sites offering the IGT range of casino games.

However, the only way that you will have the chance of winning that mega sized winning payout is if you place a certain bet and if the ball lands into a special ball well located on the Roulette wheel, and with that in mind please read on for details of how this game has been structured and designed, for it may just be the type of casino table game you have been desperately searching around for!

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Playing Triple Bonus Spin Roulette

There are quite a lot of differences between the Triple Bonus Spin Roulette game and any other variant you have played online before, the first thing you will spot when taking a look at the wheel or the betting layout is that in addition to the standard 26 numbers, there are three zeroes in play on the wheel and betting layout and an additional yellow ball well too.

The game will allow you to place all of the usual bets on the betting layout and also place a bet on any of the three zeros and also the yellow bonus position. To have the chance of winning big make sure that you place a bet on the yellow bonus position on the betting layout!

By placing that bet whenever the yellow ball well is the one the ball lands in then something unique will happen, and that is a bonus game will be triggered. All of the bets you had chosen to place on that spin will stay in place on their respective position on the betting layout and three lights will start to spin around the outer rim of the wheel.

Those lights will eventually stop spinning and will land opposite any of the ball wells, if you have placed a bet on any of the numbers those lights stop at then you are paid out their respective winning payouts based on the stake you wagered and their respective payout odds.

However, if during the bonus game the balls all land on the bonus wheel that is when you will be paid out 12,000 times the amount you wagered on the bonus betting position on the layout! If fact, there are a range of additional winning payouts you can be awarded to you based on just where those lights eventually stop.

One final thing worth knowing about the yellow ball well is that it is actually larger in size then all of the other ball wells and that will of course mean the more spins you play off the more chances you will have of the ball landing in the bonus ball well and then triggering that bonus game.

As this game is available as a free to play game why not give it a whirl at no cost and at no risk via the demo mode version of the game just so you can get to grips with it unique playing structure and format!

Triple Bonus Spin Roulette Strategy

As the house edge on the Triple Bonus Spin Roulette game is not too high, then it is certainly a game worth playing when you want to liven up your online Roulette playing sessions. However, one thing you will not want to do is to burn through your bankroll too quickly if you experience a losing run during any one given playing session.

One tip we would like to pass onto you in regards to playing this Roulette game variant is to try and split up your available bankroll in such a way that you get as many spins on the wheel as you can, and the more spins you do play off the much more increased chance you will have of seeing the ball land in the bonus ball well.

It is of course during that bonus game where you do stand the chance of winning big, so even when playing this game on the very lowest staking options you have a fair and reasonable chance of winning a tidy sum of money, if everything falls into place as those bonus spins are in play.