NetEnt Standard Blackjack

You can access and play the Standard Blackjack game from NetEnt in one of a couple of different ways, when playing online you can play it via a no download gaming platform, which many people do tend to do, or you will be able to access the game via the NetEnt Touch mobile gaming platform, if you wish to play on any type of mobile device which boasts a touch screen.

As the name of this variant does imply it is a fairly straight forward Blackjack game variant, but one which does offer players a reasonable house edge, much more so when you compare its house edge of 0.40% to other similar games offered by casino utilizing a different gaming platform and a different designers range of games too.

netent standard blackjack

Where to Play NetEnt Blackjack…

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However, you do of course need to fully understand how to play every single base hand you have been dealt out to enable you to get the house edge down to a low a figure as is possible, and with that in mind below you will find a full overview of how this game has been designed, and all of the playing moves and betting decisions you are going to be able to make when playing it.

Before we move onto enlightening you on the playing and betting decisions keep in mind that NetEnt’s Standard Blackjack game is of course a multi-stake game so you will be able to play for low to high stakes based on your bankroll, and the very lowest bet you can place on this variant is 1.00.

If playing on a mobile device and you are disconnected for any reason, the game will be available to you when you reconnect and log into your casino account, and it will be the stage of the game you had made it to that will be waiting to be played off when you do log in again.

Standard Blackjack Rules

Once you have chosen any of our featured casino sites using the NetEnt range of games and have launched the Standard Blackjack game you will then need to place a wager onto the betting box directly in front of you to send the game in live play, and will then be able to play off each hand as per the following rules.

Four Deck Game – The lower the number of decks of cards in the shoe the better, and with that in mind we are sure you will be interested to learn this variant is one that uses four full decks of cards in the shoe which are shuffled before any new game is dealt out and sent into live play.

Dealers Stands Soft 17 – If the Dealer is dealt out a hand which is worth a Soft 17 or higher in value then at all times he is going to stand that hand and will therefore not deal out any additional cards to his hand.

Double Down Option – You are going to be able to place an additional wager to the value of your initial bet you placed to send the game into live play in regards to the Double Down betting option, you can Double Down on any two initial cards dealt out to you and by placing that wager one further card will then be dealt out to your hand.

Splitting Cards and Re-Splitting – Another playing move you will be interested in making is of course splitting a pair of cards, which is something you are going to be able to do when playing this Blackjack game variant.

But be aware that when playing NetEnt’s Standard Blackjack game you are never going to be able to re-split any pair of cards a second time if you are dealt out an additional matching pair.

House Edge – As the house edge on this particular Blackjack game is so low and for reference it is the lowest house edge game that NetEnt offer, then this should be the only game you play at any such site, but you do have to play off every single hand perfectly for you to get any chance of getting the house edge down to 0.40%!

Insurance Wager – The Insurance side bet wagering opportunity will be offered to you and the cost of placing that bet is as standard, being half of your initial wagered amount, the winning payout on that bet is 2 to 1, however as the house edge is so high on that betting opportunity you are advised never to place the Insurance bet when playing this variant.

Winning Payouts – There is nothing unusual about the winning payouts you will receive when playing the Standard Blackjack game from NetEnt, for every winning hand combination dealt out to you will receive an even money payout, unless you are dealt out an unmatched Blackjack Hand containing any Ace and any Ten valued card in which case the payout will be 3 to 2.

Keep in mind however that any split hand which does containing an Ace and any ten valued card is not deemed to be a Blackjack Hand and will therefore only receive a winning payout worth even money.

Bonuses and Player Comps

You will find plenty of casinos using the NetEnt gaming platforms will be offering you new player and ongoing bonuses, but please ensure that those bonuses you can claim will let you use the bonus credits on this Blackjack game before you start to play it.

Not all bonuses can be used on Blackjack games and those that are do tend to come with much higher play through requirements than if you choose to play for example slot games with your bonus credits!

Also always compare the value of comps you will be earning a you play for real money and the redemption rates offered by your chosen casino site or sites in regards to turning your comp points into additional playing credits, as some NetEnt casinos are more generous than other in regards to their loyalty and comp club schemes.

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