Microgaming Pontoon

You really do owe it to yourself to familiarise yourself with the many different Pontoon games that are going to be available to you at different online casino sites, for when you do so you will discover there are quite a number of different variants you can play online.

By making the very wise decision of choosing a Microgaming software powered casino site at which to play you will be offered two different variants of their graphically enhanced Gold Series Pontoon games.

microgaming pontoon

The first variant is the standard single hand game on which you will find a range of staking options that start at just 1.00, and those staking options can be raised in value up to a maximum stake of 200.00 per hand you play.

However, Microgaming are one of only a small number of casino game designers who also offer a multi-hand version of their Gold Series Pontoon game, and when playing that variant you can play up to five hands per game with stakes from as low as 1.00 or as high as 200.00 in your home currency one each hand you do decide to play off!

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Betting and Playing Decisions

Playing Pontoon as opposed to Blackjack online will see you having to be aware of the ever so slightly different playing and betting decisions that will be available to you, and you will also need to be aware of how the Dealer is going to be playing off his hands too, and that information can be found in the following section.

Low House Edge – One of the most important aspects of you playing any casino card game is that you will always be best advised to stick to the games which when played perfectly and with the very best playing strategy will offer you a low house edge.

For reference the Microgaming Pontoon games have a house edge with optimal play of just 0.38%, which is actually lower in value than some of Microgaming’s Blackjack games!

Dealer Soft 17 – Once you have made all of your playing and betting decisions on your hand or hands when playing Pontoon it will then be the turn of the Dealer to play off his hand, and he will play his hand off until he reaches a Sot 17 valued hand or any high valued hand which he will then stand.

If the Dealer has a 16 value hand or anything lower in value then he will keep on twisting his hand until it reaches a value of a Soft 17 hand or anything higher in value.

Ace Cards – You are going to be allowed to both split and re-split a pair of Ace that have been dealt out to you, when you do so you will be able to form up to three hands by splitting and re-splitting. However, if you have split any Pair of Aces then just one single additional card will be dealt out to each of them and you will not be able to twist those hands.

Buy a Card – Playing many Blackjack games will see you being able to Double Down your initial two card hand, well that betting decision is known as buying a card when you are playing Pontoon online, and you will be permitted to buy a third card no matter what your initial two card hands value is.

When you do buy a third card however the cost of that betting decision will be the same amount that you wagered on the base hand, and you will only be able to buy a card once per hand. You will however be able to buy a third card if you have split a pair of cards.

Winning Payouts – The final thing you will of course be interested to learn about Microgaming’s pontoon game is just how much you are going to receive when you have been dealt out a winning hand combination!

A winning Pontoon Hand which is a base Ace and any ten valued card is rewarded with a winning payout worth 2 to 1, the same 2 to 1 winning payout is awarded to players if they are lucky enough to form a five card trick, even after initially splitting any pair of cards.

All other winning players’ hands are paid out at the standard rate of even money one final thing to note is that a Pontoon 2 to 1 winning payout can also be achieved even after you have split a pair of cards.

Why Play Microgaming Pontoon?

As mentioned above you will be playing one of the best variants of Pontoon when logged into any Microgaming powered site, due to the enhanced graphics offered by their Gold Series Pontoon games.

Once you launch your preferred version of this game you will then find all of the betting buttons easy to find and the game runs very smoothly too. Also comps will be awarded to you based on the stake levels you are playing Pontoon for, and by selecting one of the more generous casino sites sussing Microgaming software then you will be earning more comps and getting more bonus credits when you redeem those points.

Whilst you may be very well versed with how to play Pontoon, if it is a casino card game that you have no experience of playing, but you do fancy giving it a try then a free play log in option is available at Microgaming powered casino sites, and as such do consider giving this game some play time at no risk until you have fully mastered playing it.

One final thing to always keep in mind is that if you click on the options setting tab located at the foot of the Pontoon game screen you will be then able to tailor your own unique playing session, so do spend a few moments playing around with those option settings to configure the game in such a way you find it preferable based on your own preferred option settings!

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