Lucky Numbers Scratchcard

We know that many of our website visitors enjoy playing scratchcard games as well as slot games, casino card and table games and video poker games when logged into each of our featured online casino sites.

If that is something you love doing too then please spend a few minutes reading through this review of the Lucky Numbers scratchcard game for it offers you not the one standard way of winning when playing it, but you get two chances of winning on every individual card you choose to play off!

lucky numbers scratchcard

By launching this game and then playing it you are first tasked with playing off game one, that game is located on the left hand side of the card and you are faced with having to scratch off six panels. Once you do so if three matching symbols are revealed then you instantly win the prize associated with that payout.

However, win or lose on game one, you can then play game two off, that will see you scratching off just one panel on the right hand side of the screen and by doing so if you reveal a number 8 underneath that panel then you will win the cash prize displayed on the card.

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Stakes Prizes and Features

If you do want to sample playing Microgaming’s range of scratchcard games there are more than enough of you to try out, however we would urge you to give the Lucky Numbers game a try due to the fact you can win twice when playing it.

To help you make up your own mind as to whether this is going to be a game you will enjoy playing, below is a break down and overview of all of the stakes and prizes and also a playing tip we have thrown in for good measure, so do read on!

Stake Levels – In total there are eleven different stake levels that you can play the Lucky Numbers scratchcard game for, the very lowest card price is very modest at just 0.50 and you can increase those stake levels up to 10.00 per card. Microgaming powered casinos do allow you to set your account in your own home currency so the stakes will of course be in the currency you have set your casino account too!

Jackpots and RTP – Being something of an Asia themed scratchcard game the range of winning payouts available on the Lucky Numbers game do vary but many of the multipliers you can reveal and be awarded with end is 8!

The maximum jackpot payout you can win when playing this game is a huge 8888 times your base game stacked amount, and something else that you are sure to appreciate about it is that the long term expected payout percentage has been set very high, working out at some 96.57%!

Features – The sound effects and animations on the Lucky Numbers scratchcard game are fairly straight forward and nothing over the top. However, if you wish to play this game very quickly and rattle through as many cards as you can do then choose to make use of the reveal all button which when clicked scratches off all of the panels on the card automatically one by one!

Tip for Playing – Make sure that you split your bankroll up in such a way that you can afford to play off a fair amount of cards per session, for the more cards you can buy and play off the more chances you will have of playing off a very high paying card, even when playing for low stake levels you can win some substantial amounts of cash!

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