Keno is a very interesting number predicting game, and one aspect of playing it that will definitely appeal to a lot of players is that for some very tiny stake amounts, and with some luck in playing it you can achieve some very large winning payouts.

However, depending on just which online casino you play at you will find the odds offered on each number grouping will vary as will the expected long term payout percentage on each number grouping chosen on a range of different keno games.

With that in mind we are going to be walking you through fully in this Keno playing guide the way that all Keno games tend to work, so if you are ever looking for a change of casino games to play rather than playing slots, video poker or card or table games you will be hard pressed to find a much more exciting game to play than Keno!

keno board

Playing Keno

The way in which Keno games have been designed is that they all tend to use a set of 80 Keno balls that will determine the outcome of each game. You will find that once you have chosen your number grouping on the standard Keno games a set of 20 balls will then be randomly selected from the possible 80 balls in the Keno machine.

You will first need to choose just how many numbers to have on your Keno card, the most standard pay table attached to these types of games are such that you will be able to pick out from one to fifteen different numbers to have placed on your Keno card and you will also be able to pick out a stake level to have in place on that card.

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The way in which you can pick out your numbers on a Keno card is very easy to understand, you simply need to click onto the number you want and they will be highlighted, once you have chosen your set of numbers and your stake simply click onto the Play button and 20 numbers will be drawn out of the machine.

At the side of the Keno game card you will find a pay table based on the amount of numbers you have chosen, and if you match the required amount of numbers from your selected ones with the associated payouts listed on the pay table you will be awarded with that winning payout at the end of the game.

Some Keno games will also have a random selection feature which will randomly select your required numbers for you on the Keno card however you can always pick your own set of numbers if you have a lucky set of them that you wish to have in play!

One thing to note however is that the more numbers you do select as your number grouping then the higher in value the winning payouts will become if you are lucky enough to match them all with those drawn out of the Keno machine or a very high amount of numbers.

If you fancy picking off for example 15 numbers to have placed on your Keno card then you will start to receive winning payouts as soon as you match at least 3 numbers with those drawn out of the machine.

When playing at a Microgaming powered casino site and you choose their original version of the game the jackpot payout awarded for matching 15 numbers on your Keno card with those drawn out of the Keno machine will see you winning 10,000 coins in total!

Keno Strategy

Whilst the game of Keno is a game of luck and chance there is one piece of advice we can pass onto you for playing it optimally and that is for you to pick out the number grouping that has the very lowest house edge and therefore the highest possible payout percentage.

Taking into account the pay table listed payouts when you are playing Microgaming’s original version of the game the best paying number grouping you can select is the 13 number grouping, for the payout percentage on offer on that set of numbers is the highest one available working out at 94.90%.

The worst payout percentage on offer on that game is for a one number selection which has a long term RTP of an incredibly low 75%, so you are best off never picking off just one single number to have on your Keno card!

In fact, when playing that Keno game variant the 7 number grouping along with the 10, 12, 13, 14 and 15 number groupings all have a long term expected payout percentage of over 94% and as such they should be the ones you select for your Keno card as they will, over the long term, return more of your stakes as winning payouts.

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