Granny Prix Scratchcard

If you are under the impression that playing scratchcard games instead of the casino themed and styled games at an online casino site is going to be boring, then think again! Microgaming have dreamed up some very unique and unusual themes for all of their scratchcard games and they always return more of players stakes that cards you buy from shops and retail outlets!

granny prix scratchcard

If you have never played a scratchcard game before then one of the very best ones you should test out, either via the free play option or via the real money mode is the Granny Prix game. When you play this scratchcard you are faced with a card containing 9 scratch off panels under which there will be a set of granny symbols each driving a go cart!

The aim is for you to reveal just three matching symbols and when you do so you will then be awarded with a stake multiplier that could be as high as 2500 your staked amount! Read on for a complete overview and breakdown of what this game has to offer you.

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Stakes Prizes and Features

You will soon discover your fate when playing Microgaming scratchcard games, for there is nothing what so ever complicated about playing them, and when three matching grannies are revealed on this game that guarantees you have won a cash prize.

Stake Levels – Free play options are available if you are unsure whether playing any of Microgaming’s many different scratchcard games is going to be something you will enjoy doing.

However, if you do give this game any amount of play time in a real money playing environment you will be able to stake as little as just 0.50 per game or you can increase the card price upwards in value, with the maximum amount you can wager being set at 10.00 per card.

Jackpots and RTP – The jackpot payout on offer on the Granny Prix slot is a high 2500 your total staked amount, and another thing that may just tempt you to give it some play time online is the fact is comes with a very generous payout percentage too.

The RTP of this game is 95.00%, and whilst the individual payout percentage you will achieve over any length of session playing it can and will vary, the fact that over your long term play you will be getting a high RTP ensures you will always have a winning chance when playing it.

Features – The Granny Prix scratchcard game has been designed to be as easy to play as is possible, and all that you need to do to play it is first set about adjusting the stake values to one you are happy to play for and then click on the new card button.

Once you do that a new card will then be presented to you on the screen and you are faced with two different playing options, the first is by clicking on the reveal button to readily find out what is underneath each of the nine panels. However, you can of course scratch each panel off manually and to do so simply click on each panel by pointing and clicking your mouse at it.

Tip for Playing – We would love to say there was a way that would guarantee you could win when playing the Granny Prix game, but it is completely random. However, make sure you find a casino site offering you generous bonuses that can be used on their scratchcard games and also a casino site that will award you with comp points when playing any of their scratchcard games to see you getting access to extra rewards and bonus credits.

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