Casino War

There are some quite confusing casino card games on offer at Microgaming powered casinos, and there are some very easy to understand and play games on offer, the game of Casino War in our opinion has to be the easiest card game you can play due to its very basic playing structure and format.

The aim of the game is for you to be dealt out a higher valued card at the initial stage of the game that the one card the Dealer is showing. If your card is higher than the Dealers you win, however if the Dealers card is higher than your card then you lose.

There is no skill involved in playing Casino War as it is a game of complete chance, however there are some additional rules which will come into playing when playing this game and below we will enlighten you how those rules will come into effect when certain hand combinations have been dealt out.

The one vital piece of information you will need to know to determine whether this game is worthy of your play time of course is the house edge of the game. In regards to the house edge of your initial bet that works out at 2.33%, however, due to the additional playing rules the long term house edge of this game on every unit wagered will get down to a low 2.17%.

casino war

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Playing Casino War

Casino War is a multi-stake game and as such the very first thing you will have to decide on when playing it is just how much you wish to gamble per game played, you can alter the chip values by clicking on the chip value button on the game control panel.

The minimum stake you can wager is just 1.00 per hand which makes it an affordable game to play for low rollers, however you can play for some much higher stake levels if you like by increasing the chip values accordingly.

You must first place an Ante Bet into the betting box located on the game screen, you do that by placing your mouse over the Ante Bet and each click you make will place another chip onto the Ante Bet box on your chosen chip value.

Once you are happy with your stake level you click onto the Deal button and by doing so one card is dealt out to you and one to the Dealer. Microgaming’s Casino War game used a 6 deck show of playing cards, and at the first stage of the game the highest card will deemed to be the winning hand.

All cards have their own face values, however all Aces are counted a high cards and as such they are worth 11 in value and all picture cards those being the Jacks, Queens and Kings are all worth 10.

If on the first stage of the game when both you and the Dealer have been dealt out your initial card, both cards are of the same value then you have two options available, you can surrender your hand and by doing so you will get half of your Ante Bet returned to you, or you can go to war.

By going to war you then have to place a Raise Bet, and by doing so you will be forced to pay an additional stake worth the same amount as your Ante Bet. By placing that bet an additional card is then dealt out to you and the Dealer with the highest valued card then determining the outcome of that game.

You can also place a separate Tie Bet when playing Casino War, the Microgaming version of the game awards a winning payout on the Tie Bet gambled amount of 10 to 1 if that bet has been placed and the first two cards deal tout one to the player and one to the Dealer are both of the same value.

If you go to war and the second two cards dealt out are of the same value, then and Ante Bet bonus payout is awarded which sees that bet being paid out at odds of 2 to 1.

Casino War Strategy

The overall house edge on the Microgaming version of Casino War is the very lowest when you go to war on every tied hand that is deal tout, and as such the very best strategy you can put into play when playing this variant is always be prepared to go to war when both you and the Dealer have a tied hand.

As the game is a complete game of chance that is the only strategy tip we can pass into you for playing this game! However, one final thing to note is that you should always ensure you have enough funds in your casino account when playing this game to enable you to go to war when a tied hand has been dealt out.

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