BlackJack Switch

You will be aware, if you are an avid Blackjack player, that there are lots of different variants available online all of which offer a completely different type of playing structure.

However, if you are new to playing Blackjack online then you do need to be aware of just which games are going to be offering you the best playing rules, the highest payouts and those games which will give you the lowest house edge, if of course you play them optimally.

Therefore we would encourage you to read through the following guide that is dedicated to the game of Blackjack Switch, for this Playtech designed game is one which will see you playing a variant on which the house edge can be as low as just 0.16% however you do need to understand the way it both plays and pays.

There are quite a number of differences in regards to how this game has been designed, but once you have mastered playing it we guarantee you will want to give it lots of play time, and with some luck in playing you could amass some very large winning payouts!

So please read on and compare the following facts and figures to some of the other many different Blackjack games available online and you will soon discover why many players do tend to play it!

blackjack switch

Where to Play Blackjack Switch…

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Blackjack Switch Rules

As mentioned above to be able to access and play Blackjack Switch online you will need to find an online casino site offering Playtech’s range of games, and when you do so you will find it listed in the card and table games menu. Listed below are the unique rules and way this popular Blackjack game has been designed.

Number of Decks – There are a total of 6 decks in the standard Blackjack Switch shoe of cards, be aware though that with all online Blackjack game variants the entire shoe of cards are fully shuffled before any new game gets dealt out, so it is not possible and will be pointless you counting cards when playing this variant online!

Dealer Push Hand – If at any time in the game the Dealer manages to get dealt out a hand that is worth 22 in value then that hand is deemed to be a push hand no matter what the Player is holding, and as such your stakes will be returned to you irrespective of the value of your hand.

Players Blackjack Hand – The winning payout that you will be paid out at for an unmatched Blackjack hand is worth even money, however whilst you may think that is a poor valued payout when compared to the more standard 3 to 2 winning payout on other Blackjack games for being dealt out such a hand this variant does offer a very low house edge.

Two Player Hands – One of the most important rules in regards to you playing Blackjack Switch is that you are going to have to place an initial stake on two base hands, and you will then have to play those hands individually. So keep that in mind as you will always need to factor those two base game stakes into your playing strategy and your bankroll.

Card Switching – The one main reason why you will find Blackjack Switch offers the low house edge that it does is that once you have been dealt out your two initial cards to each hand and the Dealer has dealt out both his face up and face down initial cards is that you are then going to be able to legally switch the cards from your two hands.

You are permitted to swap your second card dealt out to each of your two hands to the other hand and vice versa, which is where a completely different playing strategy will come into play, as that playing rule will enable you at times to make two possibly much stronger hands from two possibly low ranked initial hands!

Dealer Soft 17 – The way in which the Dealer will be playing off his hand is that he will be forced to hit any hand that has a value of a soft 17 or lower in value, and hand that he is dealt out that is worth a hard 17 or higher in value he will then therefore stand.

Doubling Down – You are going to be able to Double Down your initial two card hand no matter what value it is, by doing so you will be permitted to buy an additional card for either or both of your two hands and the value of that wager must be the same as you wagered on the initial hand. Once you have doubled down then one additional card will be dealt out to your chosen hand.

Splitting – Be aware that you can only split each hand once. However you will be able to re-split a split hand once also. When you do make such a betting and playing decision and you have chosen to split a pair of Aces then just one single additional card will be dealt out to each Ace.

Blackjack Switch Side Bet

The game of Blackjack Switch also offers players a completely optional side bet wagering opportunity, you are never forced to place that wager being an optional one, you may be tempted to do so due to the value of winning payouts that side bet wager offers you.

By placing the Super Match side bet wager as it is know you will be hoping your initial four cards dealt out are one of the following hand combinations, and if so you are paid out at the odds listed below based on the value of your side bet wager.

By being dealt out any pair from your initial cards you are paid out at odds of even money, if you have any three of a kind hand in your initial four cards then a winning bonus payout worth 5 to 1 is awarded to you. Two pair’s awards a bonus bet winning payout of 8 to 1 and a 40 to 1 winning payout is yours if your initial four cards form a four of a kind hand combination!

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