Microgaming have such a huge suite of different casino card games, we have put together a guide to every single one of their games to allow you to get your head around the way they play and pay and have been designed.

In this guide we are going to be taking a look at the popular game of Baccarat that is to be found at every single Microgaming powered casino site and also at many other casino sites.

However, do be aware that the house edge can different at different casino using other gaming platforms and software and as such as the Microgaming version is one of the lowest house edge games available, if you do fancy playing it then you should play it at a site using their suite of games!

The main reason why you may be attracted to playing Baccarat is that it is a very fast paced game that requires no special skills to play it, and with just three different betting options available it will not be a confusing game to play online!

baccarat table

Playing Baccarat

Let us now give you an overview of how to play Baccarat, it is first and foremost a multi-stake card game, and as such you have full control over the chip values you can play it for, the minimum bet however per hand will be 1.00 in the currency you have chosen for your casino account.

You have three different betting opportunities available to you, one is whether you think the Players Hand will win the game, the other is whether you think the Dealers hand will win the game and the third option is whether you think the game will end in a Draw.

The structure of the game is such that a series of cards will be initially dealt out to both the Dealers and the Players hand, and it is the value of each card in these hands that will ultimately determine which is the winning hand.

All cards are worth their face values, the Aces are worth one point and all ten valued cards including all of the picture cards have a value of zero. The hand that ends the game with the highest value up to a maximum of nine points will be deemed to be the winning hand.

Once you have placed your chips onto your preferred betting option, whether that is the Dealers Hand, the Tied Hand or the Dealers Hand then the Dealers and Players hands are dealt out two initial cards.

The one important aspect to the value of each hand is that all hands worth up to nine are worth their face values, however if either hand has been dealt out a hand worth 10 or over then it is the right hand digit in that value that is the value of the hand.

So for example if a hand dealt out to either hand is worth 14 then that hand is deemed to be worth 4, if a hand is worth 10 then is value is deemed to be zero and so on.

There are times when a third card may be dealt out, however if either the Player or Banker hand is worth 8 or 9 in total then no additional cards are going to be dealt out to either hand. However, if the Players Hand has a total value of zero to five the Player is dealt out a third additional card. The Bankers hand will get dealt out a third card at various stages of the game based on the value of his cards.

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Baccarat Strategy

Playing Baccarat is relatively easy to do and you will soon discover how the game flows and plays, however one thing to note is the winning payouts that can be awarded to you when playing it.

The Tied Hand odds when you are playing at a Microgaming powered casino site are 8 to 1, some other software and game providers have much lower payout odds on the Tied Bet and as such those other games should be avoided if you are looking o place Tied Hand bets!

When you place a bet on the Players Hand and that hand then goes out to be the winning hand you will receive a winning payout of even money. The Bankers Hand bet pays out at odds of even money too, however when you place a bet on that hand and it is the winning one you are forced to pay a 5% house commission.

One final thing to note is that you are for course able to test out the Baccarat game at Microgaming powered sites via a free play demo mode version to the game, so if you are still unsure whether you will enjoy playing it why not play off a few hands for free to help you make up your mind?

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