Flaming Fox Slot Review

Believe it or not, Red Tiger Gaming is actually a newer iGaming brand than that of Yggdrasil, and yet it isn’t often reported that way. Traditionally when we look at this company, we regard them as being veterans of the industry, but this is more to do with the employees under the brand name rather than the actual brand itself.

In regards to their expertise, you need look no further than Flaming Fox, a brand new slot machine that hasn’t quite been released yet, though the company is promising that it’ll land onto our screens soon enough. The Red Tiger website itself offers little in the way of specifics, but upon further investigation, we’ve discovered that the intended release date for this action packed oriental slot is August 8th 2018.

Game Symbols

As far as its paytable goes, Flaming Fox isn’t anything out of the ordinary, with the table separated into high merit symbols and low value ones. These are easy to tell apart due to their design, with the the icons of higher worth having been designed to be more in-keeping with the overall aesthetic of the game. For example, the flaming Samurai swords, which are in stark contrast to the lower end symbols, like the Ace card suit symbol.

Unfortunately for the gamers of this slot, the range of bonuses is limited, with the wild and scatter symbols delivering the only bonus features of any merit, and so special extras aren’t a big stapel of the gameplay. However, due to the wilds abilities, aka to substitute, the wins can be considerable in value, with the wild icon being the most generous of all the grid’s symbols.


When it comes to the specifics of this game, as in how it’s set out, the grid takes on the typical 3×5 format, sporting 3 rows and 5 reels. What is more, this matrix houses 20 winlines, or at least that’s the number listed by various trusted sources. As a result, this is an average sized pokie, designed to be accessible, easy to use, and quick to make a buck off of.

To create any winning formation, a combination of between three and five symbols will be required, with the five of a kind win being the most rewarding. Even if you score three of a kind wins of the high paying icons, you’ll find that the returns are dramatically different to that of the five combo lineup. As for getting the grid rolling, that’s a simple case of setting the bet amount, which starts at 0.20 credits, and then spinning those reels; this can be done either manually, or via the autoplay option. In this regard, there’s nothing particularly special about Flaming Fox, that is until you get to the bonus of the matrix…

Bonus Features

As already stated, the wild icon is where one of the main bonus comes from, with the wild not only granting big wins, but also the ability to move out symbols in favour of others, in a bid to create a winning line. And, if that isn’t enough, there’s also the scatter icon for accessing the free spins round. It’s all very basic, but there’s just enough variance to make this game appeal to the contemporary audience it’s aimed at.

There’s also the odd flurry of random features within the base game, such as the fox coming onto the screen and swapping symbols. However, we didn’t find anything to say that this happens often, and so it’s hardly a bonus (if you can even call it that) worth writing about. Nonetheless, seeing as how these finishing details help create the bigger picture, we can’t deny that Red Tiger have attempted to provide a faster paced pokie than some of their other examples available.

Lastly, there’s the Red Tiger Jackpot to take home, an elusive kitty that can sometimes be huge in scope, while others times it leaves a lot to be desired. Until the game is officially launched, we can’t give further details on the worth of this payout.


We return to the subject of returns now, only this time we’ll be looking at the paytable symbols more closely, in regards specifically to what they can yield. The wild symbol can, and will only, ever pay out 500 credits for a five of a kind match, with the remaining symbols decreasing in value as we move further down the board. Even among the top symbols, there’s a measly win of 80 credits to be had, which is far from the lustre of the wild.

This low return threshold than seems to continue when we look at the card suits, which can sometimes generate nothing more than 3 credits for a three of a kind win. And so, while Flaming Fox, offers an opportunity to win hundreds of credits, and maybe even allow you a chance to play for an unspecified jackpot amount, the reality is less than glamorous.


When all is said and done, Flaming Fox is a good slot machine, albeit not the most imaginative when it comes to game features. Red Tiger has opted to stick to what it knows, rather than push the boat out, something that many fans will likely prefer in the long run. Furthermore, while there’s a lack of innovation, the depth of graphics help to seal this game as a hot, on trend title, with the accessibility of the oriental theme undeniable.

Until the iGaming community is able to test drive this pokie for themselves, an exact rating is hard to offer, however in our opinion, this slot is worth a three and a half star rating. It misses the four star mark because of the predictability of the features, as well as the seemingly hard volatility. This isn’t one for beginners, though we wouldn’t state that it’s for pros either, and is therefore best suited to those that understand the challenge that one armed bandits can present to gamers. Will this be a big game changer? We’ll leave that up to you…