Even More iPoker Sit n Go Poker Tournaments

ipoker5There is one poker network that is always a popular choice for online poker players looking for the most diverse range of Sit n Go tournaments, and this is the Playtech powered iPoker Network.

Should you be looking for some new and very unique types of Sit n Go Poker Tournaments that are structured in a completely different way to normal then have a look at our listing of the latest ones to go live throughout the iPoker Network!

Be aware the structure of these Sit n Go Poker Tournaments are unique in as much as you can win a huge bonus jackpot if you manage to win a certain number of any one single type of tournament consecutively, and as such they are going to appeal to poker players who enjoy playing in a tournament format as opposed to playing poker games in the cash table game format!

Dirty Dozen Sit n Go Tournaments – There is a $2000 bonus jackpot payout up for grabs on the Dirty Dozen Sit n Go Poker Tournaments offered on the iPoker Network, these are relatively low cost tournaments with a buy in of just €1.66+€0.34.

The Dirty Dozen tournaments are played with a total of twelve players spread over two tables and to take home the €2000 bonus payout you need to win four of these tournaments on the trot, being the lowest priced Sit n Go Jackpot Tournaments on offer on the iPoker Network there is a lot of players always online and taking part in them at all hours of the day or night, which means you are not going to be waiting for very long for the available places to be filled!

Maui Sit n Go Tournaments – The Maui Sit n Go Jackpot Tournaments are slightly more expensive to enter than the above tournaments however there is a cash prize of some  €10,000 up for grabs so the rewards are there is you can afford to pay the buy in fee of €4.20 + €0.80!

These Maui Sit n Go Jackpot Tournaments are structured as just ten player events and to bag that €10,000 bonus jackpot payout one player has to win five of these tournaments consecutively.

There are also a set of consolation cash prizes on offer on these particular tournaments and as such if you finish in 2nd place in five of these tournaments on the trot then you will be given a consolation prize worth some €150.

titan-jackpot-sngFort Knox Sit n Go Tournaments – There really is going to be an iPoker Sit n Go Jackpot poker tournament available to you no matter what type of poker player you are, and one that is going to appeal to mid to high rolling poker players are the Fort Knox Sit n Go’s for these have a bonus jackpot on offer of a large €20,000.

To win this large cash bonus payment you do need to win a total of six of these tournaments on the trot and the entry fee to take part in them is €17.1 +€2.9. You will be played against just six fellow poker players on each one of these tournaments you enter so the odds on you winning any one single tournament are quite good!

The jackpot pool will increase each week in value should no one single tournament entrant manage to win the jackpot during the previous week.

Rio Sit n Go Tournaments – The final iPoker Sit n Go poker tournament that we would like to introduce you to are the Fort Knox Jackpot Tournaments on which there is a large jackpot up for grabs which is valued at a minimum of €35,000, and whilst these tournaments are the most expensive to enter, that jackpot is one good reason to give them a try if you think you have the poker skills required to win several of them on the trot!

You need to take part in six consecutive Fort Knox Poker Tournaments and then win each one of them to be awarded with that large and tempting €35,000 cash prize and there is a six player limit in place on each of these tournaments so you will only have to beat five other players on each on you enter!

The entry fee to take part in any one single Fort Know poker tournament is not going to suit every single poker players budget, however if you can afford to take multiple entries which cost €34+€6 each then it may just be worth your while taking part in some of these Sit n Go’s!

Much like the Sit n Go Poker Tournament mentioned above in any one single week should no single player manage to win six of these tournaments consecutively then the jackpot is going to be enhanced in value the following week, and if no players win the bonus jackpot the following week then it will keep growing in value until someone does win it!

Currency Differences

It should be noted that when you enter any of the above Sit n Go Jackpot Poker Tournaments if you are the winner of just one of them then you will of course receive the winnings on offer on that tournament, and the jackpot payout is a bonus payout paid on top of each individual Sit n Go Poker Tournaments prize pool!

You will be able to take part in these tournaments irrespective of the currency you have chosen as the base currency for your iPoker account, even though the above entry fees and prizes are listed in Euros the iPoker Network will convert any other currency into Euros automatically at the networks currency exchange rate, and will do the same when adding any winnings back to your account, just the other way around!

All bonus jackpot winnings are paid as cash and can be withdrawn as standard and therefore do not come with any bonus play through terms attached to them, so if you do bag one of those bonus jackpots you are free to withdraw them as cash straight away.