European Redeal Blackjack

european redeal blackjack

The European Redeal Blackjack game is a brand new game which is based around Microgaming’s European Blackjack variant, however there are a range of special additional Player moves which can be put into play which makes this game a very strategic game to play.

This particular Blackjack variant is played with two decks of playing cards, and as is normal for Microgaming Blackjack games the entire shoe of cards is always going to be shuffled before any new game is dealt out.

This game is currently only available as a Single-Hand game and it is one of the graphically enhanced Gold Series games which are easy to navigate and even easier to play. If you want a strategy card for European Redeal Blackjack, there’s one at the bottom of this page.  

Dealer Rules for European Redeal Blackjack

Whenever the Dealer has been dealt a hand worth 17 in value, either Hard or Soft, he is going to Stand those hands. One major difference between this Blackjack game and all others are that the Dealer will not offer you Insurance when he is showing an Ace card.

The European Redeal Blackjack game is not played with a Hole Card and as such it is not possible for him to peek at his downward facing card as he will not have been dealt one! His second and any additional cards are dealt to his hand once you have made your betting decisions on your base hand.

Player Rules

You can be re-dealt certain cards if you do not like the look of them, however there will often be a fee charged for you to be re-dealt these cards should you opt to take the Redeal option when playing any hand. The amount charged will be shown on the screen and will vary from hand to hand.

Once you have been dealt your initial cards you will be given the option of having the Dealers up facing card removed from play and another one re-dealt to his hand instead of the current one (unless your hand has bust), also you can opt to have the last card dealt to your hand re-dealt to you if you so wish.

Should you not be happy with the total of any hand dealt to you then you can, for an extra fee, choose to have your hand re-dealt to you completely, and you can take this option up to five times per hand played.

You cannot opt to use the Re-Deal options when you have been dealt a Blackjack or if your hand total is 21, or have Split a hand or have performed a Double Down on any hand. You can however Double Down after a Re-Deal and also Split a hand after a Re-deal.

The base game rules are straight forward enough to understand and these state that you can Double Down on any Hard 9, 10 or 11 hand, Split a hand once, get multiple cards dealt to any Split Ace. You cannot Split cards with are unalike 10 valued ones, a Split or Re-Dealt Ace and any Ten valued card is 21 and not a Blackjack.

European Redeal Blackjack Payouts

The payout odds for a Player’s unmatched Blackjack hand is 3 to 2 and all other winning Player hands are paid out at odds of even money. As mentioned above no Insurance side bet wager is on offer on this game.

Tips for Playing European Redeal Blackjack

When any additional side bet is offered on any casino card or table game then by taking that option you are often going to have an effect on the house edge of that game, so with this in mind you should carefully consider when, if at all to take the Re-Deal option.

If your initial base hand is a Pair of 8’s however then this can often make you consider taking the Re-Deal option, however as this game is built around the European Blackjack game then the correct strategic playing move in regards to how to play a pair of eights is to always Split them unless you can see the Dealer is holding a 10 or an Ace in which case you must Hit those 8’s and not Split them.

european redeal blackjack strategy card