European Blackjack Online

european blackjack online

Microgaming not only have several different variants of European Blackjack on offer at all online casinos powered by their software, they also use this Blackjack variant as the base game on several different bonus type Blackjack games such as Hi low 13 Blackjack and High Streak Blackjack.

If however you wish to play their standard European Blackjack variants then you can play their original version or their Gold Series games which offer better graphics, they also have both Single-Hand and Multi-Hand variants on offer.

The Multi-Hand European Blackjack games let you play up to 5 hands per game. There are a total of just two decks of playing cards in play on each European Blackjack online game Microgaming have to offer, and both a free play and real money option is available.

If you manage to master this European Blackjack game then you will be receiving a house edge based on playing it with perfect strategy of a relatively low 0.42%, so it is obviously important to ensure you are always playing it with optimum strategy to keep that house edge as low as possible. There’s a European Blackjack strategy card at the bottom of the page.

Dealer Rules for European Blackjack

To ensure a completely fair game all of the cards will be shuffled before a new game is dealt out by the Dealer. This is a no peek game which basically means that no Hole Card is dealt to the Dealer’s hand.

So you will receive two initial facing upwards cards whilst the Dealer gets initially dealt just one facing upwards card, and his extra cards are dealt after you have made your betting and playing decisions on each hand you have chosen to play.

The rules of Microgaming’s European Blackjack game require the Dealer to Stand all of his hands which are worth 17 or higher in value and this includes both Hard and Soft 17 valued hands.

Player Rules

The rules for Player’s are easy to follow and understand and you can Double Down on any Hard 9, 10 or 11 valued hand you have been dealt.

If you have been dealt any Pair then you can Split them but only the once, unalike 10 valued cards are not classed as a Pair and as such you cannot Split those types of hands.

You can of course choose to Split a Pair of Aces but when you have only one card will be dealt to both of them and if a 10 valued card is dealt to either or both of those Split Aces then that hand is not a Blackjack hand but a 21 hand and they will receive a winning payout of even money and not 3 to 2.

Payouts in European Blackjack Online

No surprises are in store for you in regards to the payouts you are going to receive should you decide to play Microgaming’s European Blackjack game. All winning Blackjack, standard hands and Insurance wagers are paid out at odds of 3 to 2, even money and 2 to 1 respectively.

Tips for Playing European Blackjack

The playing tips we would like to share with you in regards to playing Microgaming’s European Blackjack game are as follows: The first one is that you should never take the Insurance side bet wager when it is offered to you.

The Insurance wager has a large house edge in its own right and by taking this wager you will be increasing the minimum house edge of 0.42% that this game offers to perfect strategy players.

If and when you have been dealt any Pair of 10 valued cards never be tempted to do anything other than Stand such hands, and when you been dealt a Pair of Aces then always Split those particular hands.

Get dealt a Pair of 4’s when playing European Blackjack then irrespective of what card you can see the Dealers up facing as being the correct playing strategy is to Hit those hands and never Split them.

european blackjack strategy card