Double Exposure Blackjack

double exposure blackjack

You may feel like all your all your Christmases have come at once when you first set eyes on the Double Exposure Blackjack game which is part of the Microgaming software powered suite of Blackjack games.

The reason for this is that when you take a look at the rules of the game you will discover that the Dealer is going to always deal his hands facing upwards, and that will mean you will always know just what cards he is holding in his hand!

By knowing the cards he is holding then it should make your playing and betting decisions more easier to make. The game of Double Exposure Blackjack available at Microgaming powered sites is available in both a Multi-Hand and Single-Hand version.

You will be able to play up to five hands per game when playing the latter named Multi-Hand variant and there are a total of eight decks of playing cards in the shoe of each game. If you want a double exposure blackjack strategy card, there’s one at the end of this page that’ll help you play the game perfectly.

Double Exposure Blackjack Dealer Rules

The Dealer has to shuffle all of the cards in play on the game of Double Exposure Blackjack before setting a new game into motion and all of the Dealer’s cards as mentioned are dealt facing upwards.

The Dealer will Hit any hand worth a Soft 17 or lower in value and the Dealer will also win any tied hands, however if the Player and Dealer both have a Blackjack hand then the Player’s hand will be the winning one.

Player Rules

A Hard 9, 10 or 11 valued hand that has been dealt to the Player’s hand will enable him or her to Double Down that hand if desired and also when a Player has Split any hand then they can also Double Down after Splitting.

Both Pairs and unalike 10 valued cards can be Split up to three times and Aces can also be Re-Split, when you have chosen to Split any pair of Aces just one card will then be dealt out to each one of them.

Double Exposure Blackjack Payouts

There is as you may be expecting a price to pay for getting to see all of the Dealer’s cards when playing Double Exposure Blackjack and this is going to be noticeable when you have been dealt a winning Blackjack hand as that pays out at odds of even money which is the same as all other winning Player’s hands.

When a Player has Split any Aces and then have been dealt an Ace to either or both of those Split Aces then that hand is not classed at a Blackjack hand it is classed instead as a 21 hand and if they are winning hands then the payout you will receive is even money.

Insurance is not going to be offered to you when playing this Microgaming Blackjack game.

Tips for Playing Double Exposure Blackjack

It is worth remembering that even though you get to see all of the Dealer’s cards when playing Microgaming’s Double Exposure Blackjack game you still need to play this variant using perfect strategy.

This will mean that when you have been dealt certain hands you always make the correct moves based on the cards which the Dealer is holding.

A couple of easy to remember perfect strategy playing moves for this game include players always Standing a Hard or Soft 20 valued hand unless the Dealer is showing a Hard 20 valued hand in which case you need to Hit that hand.

All Soft Player hands worth 13 to 17 should be Hit by Players no matter what two cards the Dealer is Showing. The same rules applies for a Soft or Hard 19 Players hand always stick however if the Dealer is showing a Hard 19 or Hard 20 then Hit your hand.

double exposure blackjack strategy card