Delve into the DC Universe with Playtech’s Dark Knight Slot

Batman is back, and this time round he’s brought some friends with him. Before you start to wonder if he’s assembled the Justice League, we’re talking about different friends, helpers that have taken his popular cinematic self and turned it into an extravaganza of a slot machine. As many of you will know, Playtech has a long standing partnership with DC, and so there’s quite a few DC slots available from them, however not all of them have been created equal.

This take on Batman is based on the successful 2008 film, The Dark Knight, and so all the characters mirror the look of the characters from that rendition of this caped crusader. Despite this not exactly being the newest of slot machines from Playtech, it’s definitely a title that should be given much more credit, even if you’re not a fan of Batman or DC. Not only does this game have fantastic aesthetics, but there’s also 50 winlines to land winning combinations upon, as well as special bonuses and progressive jackpots. That’s right, this is one full game.

The beauty of the jackpots are that they can occur randomly, no matter the amount of cash you’ve wagered, or whether you’re in the middle of a respins reward. However, while anyone can activate this feature, it’s those of you who stake more money that stand a better chance of the jackpot mini game triggering. Should you be lucky enough to get this bonus, you’ll need to match up three jackpot symbols in order to win the corresponding payout; there’s Grand, Major, Minor, and Mini, with the latter obviously being the smallest payout of the four.

In regards to the other mini games, aka the bonuses, they only come in the form of respins and free spins, however while there’s similarities between each of the bonuses, there’s little extras involved that help make the experience feel more diverse. For example, the Dark Knight Free Spins symbols can only land on the second and third reels, with the spins using Batman as the wild. In contrast to this, the Agent of Chaos Free Spins can only activate on the fourth and fifth reels, with the Joker icon creating larger wins of varying sizes. Quite simply, customers get to see both sides of the franchise, the good and the evil.

Should you be keen to fight alongside the Dark Knight himself, or maybe take up arms with the dastardly Joker, you can do so by visiting many of the online casinos currently available. Unfortunately, Playtech doesn’t have a link to this title upon their webpages, and so a demo playthrough is a little tricky to come by, however we’re sure you’ll be able to find some out there soon enough. And if you’re still undecided about whether to play or not, you can visit YouTube and watch a trailer of the gameplay in action, which was posted on May 31st of this year.

If you want to get more DC kicks for your money, you can play through other Playtech hero specials, as well as games from other software developers. Also, if you don’t fancy DC content, you can try and play some of Playtech’s Marvel activities instead. Even though you shouldn’t run into any issues, there’s various rumours circulating at the moment that Playtech intend to remove these games from their portfolio in the near future, so try and be quick just in case.