Craps Playing Guide

Plenty of different casino table games are available to online casino game players, and when you are looking for a casino site at which to play at we would strongly advise you to select a casino offering you either the range of Playtech or Microgaming designed games.

The reasons for us advising you to play at any such casino site using either of those two gaming platforms is that by doing so you will then have access to hundreds of different games, and more importantly games offering you lots of different staking options and certified fair and random games too.

Both Microgaming’s and Playtech’s various different online gaming platforms have a Craps game on offer, and that is a game which uses two dice to determine the outcome of each game, by choosing to play Craps you will have to try and predict the outcome of the roll of those two dice in the hope the one you select is the one rolled in.

However, at first glance the casino table game of Craps can be something of a complicated looking game, and that fact alone does put off a lot of players from trying to out! With that in mind in this Craps playing guide we will fully enlighten you on how the game is played and what to expect when playing it.

Playing Craps

When you choose to play Craps you will quickly discover that it can be a two stage game. The initial stage of each game is known as the Come-Out Roll, when you send the dice rolling on that part of the game if a seven or eleven is rolled then the game is over there and then.

One bet you can place on the initial stage of the game is the Don’t Pass line bet and by placing your bet on that betting option you will win even money if the two dice show a total value when rolled of 2 or 3. However, if a 7 or 11 is rolled in then you bet will be a losing one, if any other number is rolled in then for this bet to be a winning one you need to roll a 7 in before the point is made.

The point is made when the initial number rolled is on the first roll of the dice is then rolled in again before a 7 is rolled in!

craps table

Another very popular bet you can make at the first stage of the game is the Pass Line bet, and by placing that bet you will be hoping that the initial roll of the dice will see either a 7 or 11 being rolled in and if so that bet is a winning one.

If on that first stage of the game a 2, 3, or 12 (which for reference are known as Craps) you will lose the amount of cash you wagered on the Pass Line bet. However, if a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 is rolled in then that number will become known as the point, and if you roll in a seven on the subsequent rolls of the dice before that point number is rolled in again your Pass Line bet wager is a losing one!

Once the point has been made on the first stage of the game a wide range of other individual betting opportunities come into live play, the odds on each of those now live betting opportunities can and will vary based on the likelihood of them being rolled in.

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Craps Strategy

Much like every other casino table game which is a game of chance the house edge on all of the different betting opportunities available on the game of Craps can and will vary, and as a player you should be looking or the betting opportunities that offer you the very lowest of house edge.

In fact, some Craps game variants available at different casino sites will have much lower house edges than the same betting opportunities available at casino sites using different gaming platforms, and that is why we would suggest you stick to playing at Playtech or Microgaming powered casinos as their variants of Craps does boast some of the lowest house edges.

When you place a bet on the Pass Line bet at either a Playtech or Microgaming powered online casinos site you will find those bets have a combined house edge of a very low 0.47%. However, by placing the Don’t Pass bet the combined house edge in those bets available on the Craps game variants at both Microgaming and Playtech powered casinos is just 0.34%!

Be on the lookout for any casino bonus offers that permit you to play Craps with your bonus funds as those bonuses will allow you to extend your play time, and also lookout for casinos offering the best comps on table games such a s Craps to ensure you lock in even more real money playing value.

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