Comparing Slot Gamble Games

slot gamble optionMany video slot games you can play online will offer you the option of taking a gamble type feature game whenever you have been lucky enough to have spun in a winning combination on any of your activated pay lines.

However, sadly most online and mobile slot game designers, whilst they may have put a lot of thought and imagination into the design of many video slots, tend to overlook the gamble game option.

As such you will often find the type of gamble game option offered on many slot games will be one on where you play card-predicting game whenever you click onto the gamble button.

Those gamble games can get a tad boring after a while for the aim of them is for you to try and guess the colour or suit of a yet to be dealt out playing card in the hope your prediction proves to be correct. If you guess right you will double or quadruple the value of the base game win you opted to gamble.

New Types of Slot Game Gamble Games

There are however some brand new types of slot game gamble options available and below we are going to be introducing you to some of the many different ones that you will find attached to the range of Microgaming and BetSoft Gaming designed slot games, so read of if you are the type of player who enjoys taking the gamble feature.

Heads or Tails – You will see a coin being tossed when you take the optional gamble game on the After Night Falls slot and by taking that gamble game option you simply have to correctly predict if the coin will land heads up or tails up to double your base game gambled amount!

Odd or Even – Another type of gamble game option that you will find offered is available on the Under the Bed Slot, when you take the gamble game option on that slot game you have to guess whether a set of dice when rolled will be displaying an odd number or an even number on their up facing sides collectively.

Guess the Hand – Playing the Curious Machine slot from BetSoft Gaming will see you having to guess the hand of the onscreen character in which you think he has hidden a coin if you opt to take the gamble game option, which is a tad more exciting that the playing card guessing based gamble games!

Your Gamble – One of the most configurable slot game gamble game options is the one known as the Your Gamble game which is found attached to the series of Untamed slot games found in Microgaming software powered casinos.

When you choose to take the gamble game option on any of those slot games in that series you can increase or decrease the payout odds you will be offered via the wheel spinning gamble game. You can also pick and choose just how much of your base game winning payout you wish to gamble.

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