Cashback or Up Front Bonuses Available at Slotocash

slotocash logoThere are two main types of player that log onto and gamble at online casinos. The first type of player will be one who loves claiming bonuses, and will always be on the lookout for both high valued sign up welcome bonuses and plenty of ongoing regular bonuses too.

However, one thing to always keep in mind if you are such a player is that each bonus you do utilize will lock you into a set of play through requirements and additional terms and conditions. That is why the second type of player exists, and those players are ones who never take up front bonuses as they will prefer to play with their own funds instead.

There are of course benefits of not claiming up front bonuses, as you will be free to play the games you want, for the stakes you want and you can of course stop playing and cash out at any time.

One casino site that is approved by us that actually caters for both types of player is Slotocash Casino. When playing at their online or mobile casino site you are going to be able to make use of plenty of bonuses or if you prefer not to take bonuses upfront you can make use of their cash back offer.

If you do the latter, you can claim a 25% bonus on any losses you run-up when playing with your own funds, and as such that will act as a cushion if and when you do experience a losing session! Here are some additional reasons why we think this will be the perfect casino site for you to play at.

Slotocash Features

Daily Slot Tournaments – One thing that Slotocash Casino does offer that not many other casino sites do is a large range of daily slot tournaments. Those tournaments come with very low entry fees however the value of the cash prizes on offer one each of them is high, so they are all worth entering if you have the time to do so.

Unique Mobile Promotions – Mobile casino players at Slotocash Casino will never be forgotten about when it comes to those players being offered plenty of promotional offers and bonuses, so if you do want to play their games on any mobile device you will never lose out by doing so.

Fast Winning Payouts – You are never going to be waiting for very long to get paid out your winnings by Slotocash Casino. However, one way of being paid much more quickly is for you to use a web wallet as the way you get paid as opposed to a cheque or bank wire withdrawal!

VIP Comp Club – The Player rewards scheme in place at Slotocash Casino has three tiers, and as you play more and earn more points collectively over several sessions you will rise up through those tiers. By doing so you will earn more comps based on the value of your wagers and will also benefit from lower redemption rates too!